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  • lissylissy lissylissy Jan 10, 1998 9:45 AM Flag


    Its time for ATT stock holders to manipulate the stock price down-sell and buy back at a lower price after all thats what
    Armstrong did.Driving the price on short term false hopes.ATT puts their hopes in non volitile stock prices with all the dummies who
    wouldn't sell even if they knew the stock would drop 30 points.I don't understand the logic(my wife and mother included).If they sold
    and the price went up -sure they would lose the gain-but for long time holders how much is enough.ATT stockholders flow withthe
    crap on a 5 point drop-god forbid they miss a 1 point gain. This is the ungraspable logic that insulates ATT from large loses and
    they know it.The question is can that insulator hold up to more heat-this ship is fling to close to the sun.

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    • Logic isn't contagious, excitement is. As the A-team is working on the turnaround plan the excitement builds. Wall Street firms don't want to get caught not recommending ATT on the "verge of a great renaisance". The honeymoon will last about 6 more months.

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      • No one knows exactly how the whole thing works-many like to think they do when their right and say nothing when wrong.I think taking the random view to ATT future is just as valid as the logical one-to many variables make it impossible to call-one thing is sure if the stockholders knew how thin the ice will be for all involved in the future of telecos industry, they might study ATT more closely.This may be good or may be bad-one thing for sure if this really happined watch out.

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