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  • tyye tyye Jan 17, 1998 9:46 PM Flag


    Guys when do you think is good time to sell my ATT stocks
    Should I wait until it go up to 90 or I should sell it before
    going down


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    • Can anyone guess how many shares and what effect their entry into the market place will have, when LU employees most convert
      their current T stock into LU or mutuals in their 401Ks? I know some LU people whose 401K contains a few thousands each and by
      year end 1998 they must divest of all T holdings. This could free up a supply of stock over the next year that previously was
      locked up tight. Does anyone think that we have already started to see some sell off? I like T and think their chart looks ready to
      break 75, but if it does hit that high of level, it may spark that conversion.

    • Great idea to push e-commerce.
      The future of on-line shopping.

    • Its a short list that begins and ends with T. Hell they invented this whole thing didn't they?

    • I would defiently sell T right now. There is so many other
      stocks that will outperform T now.

      I would put some in WCOM, MCIC, CMCSK, small amount in SEEK,
      and whatever else that might be on your list.

      Get out of T for now. It is normal with stocks that have had
      big runups to correct 30% or more.

      • 5 Replies to W_C_O_M

      • The rest of you all had your turn. T finally has a real force leading's our turn now...mark my words

      • Get lost WCOM Pls

      • You have your own thread...stay there, geesaws, your all over the boards pushing your bs...get real jr!

      • Let's face it WCOM.Your company got where it is by stealing the cream off the top of the milk bottle. Then WHINING to anyone
        who would listen about big bad Ma Bell. You make a good spokesman for WCOM and MCI-THE ORIGINAL WHINER-about where one should
        put their money. The poor residential customer is getting shafted now with incremental access charges to subsidize your
        escapades and adventures. The residential customer doesn't have a spokesman with the Justice Department, The FCC, State and Federal
        Courts, or whomever else can change the rules. My wonder is now that perhaps ATT has capitualated to the same dirt bag game your
        companies initiated. Is there a secret agreement that precludes ATT from ever buying a local Telco? Does ATT Feel that it is better
        off to bundle their long distance service to the LEC and put the poor residential customer on the back burner? Why does an older
        couple who needs a phone to call their local fire department or ambulance have to pay access charges when they want to only call
        down the street? If ATT bought a local Telco,access charges would then become a moot argument because you would then have a
        dedicated long distance provider.Just think about the hundreds of millions of dollars that could be kept in the pockets of the average
        shmuck each and every month! Let's face it, the great experiment doesn't work and never will. Power to the people!!!

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