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  • lissylissy lissylissy Feb 5, 1998 8:02 PM Flag


    You went an done it now I gonna give you such a wammy -you gonna be poopin pumice pellets-you'll be goin through ice pops so
    fast your freezer will look like an ice cream store-and believe me you'll be hurtin so bad you won't even think of eating even
    one of those steamlined tucks.sorry but you had it coming-hey you see those other guys I give wammy jammy to -they don't even
    post.I guess having golf ball sized carbunciles on your nuts they couldn't do anything besides suffer.Have a nice nite and enjoy
    when that coffee kicks in morning time.I hope you're not a hemophiliac

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    • why so bitter my little lissy?...what was said to get your butt to pucker up so much? i gotta admit you've got quite an the way when did you say T was going to hit 50?... p.s. if your whammy jammy works i'll let you eat those carbuncles

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