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  • c4n_2000 c4n_2000 Jun 2, 2000 6:46 AM Flag

    Turning A Battleship

    I am a relative newcomer to T.
    Unlike many of
    you I don't know all of the nuances concerning T or
    its stock.

    I will tell you, that I am an
    extremely quick study.

    My review of T indicates that
    you have a "turning battleship."

    Unlike a car,
    a battleship out on the ocean takes a bit of time
    to turn. But it eventually does.

    I consider T
    a battleship. Right now it is turning. To you
    old-time players it looks slow and tedious. In addition,
    many of you don't like the way that it is

    In my opinion, T is one of the most undervalued
    situations that I have recently seen.

    You have a
    company that within 12 months is going to be the largest
    cable company in the world.

    If you believe that
    cable-internet-wireless-communications are the sectors to be in then T is the battleship
    that you want to be on.

    I see that a number of
    you aren't too thrilled with Armstrong. Relax, this
    guy knows as to exactly where he is taking this
    company. His goal is to grow the company and maximize
    share prices.

    I know that many of you think that
    the picture looks bleak. I'm telling you that you are
    dead wrong.

    Don't be surprised when the tide
    turns and every institution and fund on the Street
    poors into T.

    Be patient. The battleship is
    almost turned.

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    • aircraft carrier (necessitated by changing technology) while maintaining full operational status. No easy trick for any CEO. Agree with everything you said. Dow futures up 160! :)

    • As you know, the FCC in the next several days
      will issue an order that allows T to acquire MediaOne
      giving T 1-year to divest certain assets to comply with
      the 30% cable penetration rule. This 1-year time
      table is very important. If T chooses to divest Liberty
      and had the FCC only given T 6-months to act, T would
      have been stuck with a major taxable liability. Now
      with a 1-year time frame, T can divest Liberty after
      3/2000 and not incur the

      T-Liberty-Time Warner-AOL are so tightly involved with each
      other, that it will take months of negotiations to
      determine what T will divest. The point to be made, is that
      T is involves/owns pieces of companies which now
      and over the coming years will dominate the
      communications industry in the U.S.

      Many of you are too
      shortsighted. You are sitting on a goldmine which has yet to be
      mined. Just wait to the miners get there.

      many of you are ignoring T in Europe and the Far East.
      Just wait, T will emerge as the major wireless power
      in both regions.

      Suffice it to say, just be
      patient. All of the parts are being assembled for a major

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