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  • smith_cucks smith_cucks Jan 10, 2008 9:34 AM Flag

    Does Smith Investor Relations Do Anything?

    Still no contact from anyone at Smith.

    Stock down. Naturally. Where the hell is bottom here? Why don't some of those VP's buy?

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    • My goldfish is feeling better about the rest of the market now, but he's still very uneasy about smitty. He thinks Bill Smith's a jerk. That's his opinion, not mine. Goldfish these days have such foul mouths.

    • no no no - that's where you've got it wrong mate. One cannot be "cool" and "responsible" - they are diametrically opposed conditions. I chose "cool" many years ago, and found that with the absence of "responsible" comes the absence of wealth! LOL

      once a punk, always a punk - my credo FWIW!

    • But how can you keep all the fishes off the internet? I'm a responsible parent but can't I also be a 'cool' parent?

    • The part of my portfolio where SMSI resides is like a snuff film. I will certainly not let Aung San the Third (my goldfish) look at that part. If he ever does, my fishtank would soon become the residence of Aung San the Fourth.

    • If it helps to know you have company in both your current position and your strategy, then you'll be happy to know I'm with you.

      I bought in at levels I thought were sane some time ago (average is in the high 12's). Oh my.
      For a company with a near monopoly position in an emerging hot space - connectivity; products addressing many needs in the overall wireless space; a solid software suite; multiple tier one customers (validation); no debt; track record of successful deals & integration of those deals; growing sales; diversifying customer base (yes, Verizon is still too big); and cash still on the books, Smith is NOT a $7 stock. The ONLY thing that makes it a $7 stock is the number of shorts still around.

      Once the revenue & bottom line picture improves over the next couple of quarters they will leave and the stock will be priced correctly.

      For those with investible cash, this is a terrific entry point with little to no down side risk here, and certainly a double in the cards over the next few quarters.

      As far as contacting IR. Let's remeber that Smith is a small company with many 1,000's of share holders. They would spend tons of money were they to answer each and every retail investors complaint / inquiry. If they did answer these questions (many are inane) would the questioner "feel" better? Probably not, and those complaining here would instead be complaining about the answer they got.

      As a test, write to a large company and see what you get - try Cisco for instance. Ask why their stock has dropped from the recent highs as well. I'll bet you'll get no answer from them either - except maybe a form letter.

      Good luck to all (we'll need it).

    • I think we need to be comedians enstead of investors. That was some funny exchanging there.

    • like any responsible parent, you should closely monitor your goldfish's internet access to make certain he/she isn;t visiting disturbing websites, such as your online account, for example :-)

    • I really hate being nagative, but this stock is killing me and it's killing my goldfish too.

    • but therein lies the conundrum syn. why are we being so disproportionately abused? It isn't natural, and teh price does not reflect anything close to the business realities - even if there is hidden bad news, it is difficult to justify this as a $6 stock.

      I believe we are being systematically taken dow - but why? I think the 'why' hints at the very reason to hang on.

    • You are right on. That is exactly what is seems like. WHy the constant bleeding i have no idea. We all have the same list.

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