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  • beachbarbob beachbarbob Feb 11, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Mazurek2050 and be_accurate

    One has to think who is the bigger (_O_) in posting tons and tons of toliet regurgitation.

    For years mazterbate pumped SMSI endlessly as the greatest stock ever and Bill Smith as a wireless Guru.
    I bet he posted his conjecture at least 10 times a day for over 5 years. He even went off and created his own private board on Investor Village so he could surround himself with self depricating clowns who dropped to their knees for mazterbate. So for this clown now to attack another board moron is the biggest joke of all time.

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    • Well it's not be_accurate, although he likes to call most everyone a vegetable, he has been calling this stock right lately. We're up 10% in a week. Perhaps the tsunami is coming after-all. I still think we double by the end of this year, and reach between $4-$5 by this time next year. I think for once they are going to exceed expectations for the next few years. A lot of doubt is baked into the stock right now, which can quickly go away with positive results.

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      • "I still think we double by the end of this year, and reach between $4-$5 by this time next year."

        I think performance will be way better than this. This is software with an 80% gross profit. They already have ready made distribution channels through Sprint and T-Mobile. I would not be surprised if Verizon joined the party for Quicklink Hotspot. Their customers must surely be having problems with wireless hot spots i.e. if the thing doesn't work the customer has no idea why without self-care diagnostics. This will be leading to an increase in calls to the contact centre so the business case is easily justified. Unless Verizon do something their customer service will decline. Combined with the lack of Pay as You Go data plans this could play into the hands of Sprint and T-Mobile. Sprint is spending billions of dollars on upgrading their network and with their strategy of unlimited data plans, combined with a modern network, it could well be Verizon who will be losing customers soon to Sprint. Sprint also have very deep pockets via the takeover by Softbank.

        The company is in a very good place right now with an extensive product range, multiple tier-1 customers, huge cash reserves and tight cost controls. This is a company poised for major growth as the appetite for wireless internet connectivity grows. This is not the one customer, one product line company that existed a couple of years ago that suffered such a rapid decline due to its over dependence on one customer and one product line.

        For those lucky enough to know the history and understand where this company is right now, there are great gains to be made.

    • "One has to think who is the bigger (_O_) in posting tons and tons of toliet regurgitation."

      That would be you then - you clearly read it all! This vacuous vegetable can't even spell. Why does this board attract so many lifeforms descended from mating vegetables? And why do they emerge just before earnings are to be announced?

      beachbarbob the brainless beetroot regretably joins the board with nothing of relevance to SMSI. What else to expect from a vacuous vegetable?

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