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  • bitsdreamer bitsdreamer Mar 21, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Closing in on a carrier deal

    We may see one announced as soon as next week. SMSI is oversold and we could see the company as a top daily gainer once again... One more big deal and profitability this year will be a certainty and enough fuel for a move back above $2.00 nearterm.

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    • Here is that news you have all been waiting for:
      Smith Micro Poser 8 MAC on sale

    • "One more big deal and profitability this year will be a certainty"

      We already know that a deal has been closed with a chip manufacturer for the MBIM drivers. If this is a deal where they have bought a large number of licenses in advance, we could see a huge increase in revenues in one quarter later this year.

      We also kniow they have around 15 ongoing active field trials with Netwise Director. Revenues could start to flow from these companies very quickly once the business deals are closed as the software has already been deployed to undertake the field tials. The CEO has already said hat these deals are "very, very close to closing".

      We also know that Sprint is under contract for MiTile. Sprint will be launching their Windows 8 'phones in the Summer.

      We also know that T-Mobile is about to release a hot spot device imminently with another one planned for Q2. T-Mobile is also under contract for MiTile and their Windows 8 'phones are shipping now.

      We also know that Sprint is adding new markets for its LTE network all the time so Netwise revenues will start to increase as more LTE markets are launched.

      But none of the vacuous vegetables who post here seem to be able to retain this information. Hardly surprising as most of them have the memory capacity of a goldfish.

    • "as bad results upon bad results keep going and going and going."

      So our resident grass cutter thinks increasing revenues quarter on quarter are "bad results".

      There is no hope for potato head.

    • "One more big deal and profitability this year will be a certainty and enough fuel for a move back above $2.00 nearterm."

      Very eloquently put. My personal view is that deals have either already been secured, but not publicy announced, or they are very, very close to closing. It is not in the interests of the shareholders or the company to publicy announce any major deal until they are sure of reaching profitability this year. This is because they need to minimise any dilution in the unlikely event they need additional financing. In other words, the share price needs to rise. So they will wait releasing any news until either they are sure of reaching profitibility this year or there is a need to announce news in an attempt to drive the share price higher to minimise dilution should additional financing be required. I think the risk is very low that additional financing will be required especially if they receive a bulk order for the MBIM driver software.

      Either way, you are spot on with your comment that SMSI is oversold and in either scenario I have painted above the share price will rise in the long term from here.

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