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  • scudmisssion scudmisssion Mar 21, 2013 3:31 PM Flag


    Smsi, its products and patents valued at less than 50 cents!!

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    • So, what does that mean to you?
      BUY with both hands, or does the stock price provide ANY caution for you?
      If it was such a great buy, it would have already been recognized by the market and the price would be higher.
      Did you also consider that this is VERY speculative stock that has also been losing money every single quarter for the past several years?

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      • And here is some more research I will share....

        Sophrosyne Capital reported its initial position of 2,092,940 shares on 24th February 2012.

        They INCREASED this position to 2,489,678 on 13th April 2012

        They INCREASED their position AGAIN to 3,140,845 on 1st May 2012.

        And as recently as 6th February 2013, they INCREASED their position again to 3,513,234 and now own 9.79% of the outstanding share capital.

        In other words, I don't think a professional investment advisor considers this a "VERY speculative" stock with this volume of shares and the ongoing substantial increases in its position.

        But it is fully understand why Storyteller the String Bean considers this a "VERYspeculative stock".

      • "Did you also consider that this is VERY speculative stock"

        This stock is not speculative at all. The explosion in mobile data is a problem that needs to be solved. Management of hot spot devices is a problem that needs to be solved. Compatibility with legacy operating systems with MBIM is a problem that needs to be solved. I could go on but the summary is that this company has the marketing mix absolutely spot on - the right products in the right place at the right time at the right price. The company has already forged new partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile - both of which are set to grow as T-Mobile merges with MetroPCS, creating a customer base almost as large as Sprint, and Sprint uses the investment from Softbank to substantially improve its network. The move to profitability will happen this year and next year will see substantial growth as the number of customers using Netwise Director increases. The field trials are over and contract negotiations are underway. Tekelec's selection of SMSI as a partner underlines the fact that SMSI software supports advanced use cases that Birdbrain and others cannot.

        "that has also been losing money every single quarter for the past several years"

        They reported their first loss in Q1 2011. That is TWO years ago NOT "several years". And it was to be expected as the new products were rolled out. It was not until Q1 2012 when the Sprint deal was announced that it was clear Netwise Director had achieved market acceptance.

        In summary, this is an excellent time to buy - the shares are way, way oversold and any day now a news release could send this stock way over $2 and beyond. The company is exceptionally well positioned and for those of uswho like to make money on the stock market, shares are bought when the price is low and sold when the price is high. I realise this concept is probably difficult for a string bean to grasp.

      • And before the spelling police comment, let me clarify that "respodning" should be "responding".

        I do realise, of course, that many here would have difficulty realising that "respodning" should be "responding". So I am delighted that I have helped out these life forms descended from mating vegetables before they have been able to comment.

      • There is no point in respodning to potato head. He is quite clearly a certifiable lunatic. Any life form that can call a company "broken" with a history of four consecutive quarters of growing revenues is quite clearly descended from mating vegetables.

      • "Did you also consider that this is VERY speculative stock"

        No the longs here don't consider anything except the possibility of making 500-1000%, no matter how remote it is. People that buy stocks for $1 are just complete gamblers. It's almost no different than going to the casino and plopping it all on pass or don't pass. (much better odds than red or black be_fuqtarded, fyi).

      • "If it was such a great buy, it would have already been recognized by the market"

        What a completely idiotic statement. If that were true that it would never be worth investing in the market because the market will have already recognised the companies that were going to grow and the share price would always, using this logic, be high.

        SMSI has been as low as 45 cents and as high as $18 in the last ten or so years.

        Using the logic of Storyteller the string bean this could never have happened because "the market" would have recognised the company as a growth company and the share price would never had dropped to 45 cents.

        Let's never forget the string bean posted this company is "broken". Now revenues have been rising quarter on quarter for four consecutive quarters. Being sane, I would not describe a company with rising revenues quarter on quarter as "broken".

        The problems of mobile data are very real and need a solution. It will take time but the chances of success of very high. Trying to time the purchase of shares at the low is futile. The price may go down further from here but what does it matter if, in a years time the price is significantly higher? The share price will not see a day by day regular rise. It will rise dramatically either after good results reported on a quarterly CC or when news of new contracts is released. It is inconceiveable that not a single one of the 15 or so trialiists of netwise Director will proceed to full contract.

    • Smsi, its products and patents valued at less than 50 cents!!

      Yes, for a good reason, no one wants, needs or will use them

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      • "Smsi, its products and patents valued at less than 50 cents!!"

        Only a vacuous vegetable could post such drivel. The MARKET currently values the company at around $49.5m. At the end of 2012 they had $32.5m in cash. So the MARKET values the company at around $17m. If the company were sold it be worth much more than this. That is why the share price of companies being acquired usually rise significantly.

        This is like teaching a bunch of five year olds in basic business.

      • It's definitely a true turd, and possibly the #1 turd of wall street the last 7 years. That much cannot be contested by anyone with half a brain. Now lets see the brainless fuqtard try to contest this.

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