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  • bancinvstr bancinvstr Aug 17, 2005 10:38 AM Flag

    Best investment

    This is the best investment I have ever made. If you only can afford one stock this is the one to buy.

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    • I bought several thousand shares in the early 90s, then they had 3 10% stock dividends . Next a secondary offering at 10 with warrants to buy common at 12 & 14 dollars per share. Next they split 2 1/2 to one then they split two for one. This totaled out to the same as a 6 to 1 split. Then they merged with USB. USB was 30 dollars per share and was almost a 1 for 1 trade. So I was selling a lot of stock at $30,00 per share and my cost was between 70 and 80 cents per share. Needlesss to say I like small banks.

    • ...and it' about F***** time that we had a message board for Temecula Valley Bank. I've been trying to get this done via MSN for two years. Congrat's and thanks to the one that was able to make it happen on Yahoo!

      ROA and ROE remain strong, but 2005 has been a year of transition for many aspects of this institution. Some key internal issues need to be addressed, but it's all in anticipation of a huge 2006. I think it splits again at $28-$30/share. Go long TVB!

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