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  • yzzycz yzzycz Mar 15, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    It all depends on first results from IBD and IS...if good, the stock will go high

    if not, we will se plunge. Nothing less nothing more. So this posts how they have partners etc. are sensless. High risk, high reward.

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    • I own 48K of ATHX, and it is kind of scary because the PPS is an either/or situation: a soaring price or a plummet into the abyss. But even halfway good results for, say, the ischemic stroke clinical study would be positive. Suppose that MultiStem produces results no different from timely TPA administration. Even that would be very positive, as so many stroke victims miss the 3-hour window for TPA, but MultiStem expands that time frame to 36 hours. Imagine how many more people could be helped. Moreover, Athersys has other irons in the fire with HvGD and ulcerative colitis in the nearer term. So the risk/reward percentages are alluring, especially in light of their own pre-clinical (though anecdotal) success.

    • derek.havens Mar 15, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

      yzzycz....listen to me!if you think for a second this will not pop like a rocket on more news of a partnership you are in for a surprise my lad!you are young and quite possibly as stupid as they come,or you honestly think that thats the only news people are waiting for to jump in,which in that case is very sad and you need to seriously question why you are shorting this stock.however,its shorts like you that propel stocks like these to new highs when we finally do get good news so I welcome your shorting goods,just not your nonsensical posts.jmho

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are missing some verbs and have some present tense/past tense conjugation problems, but I understand the general premise of what you are saying.

      I don't agree.

      Have an awesome day!

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      • so tell me "thumbdowners"...ATHX price depends in short term on what??
        If not on first data from P2 IBD/IS than on what else? I hold fair amount of shares. What do you think? It is a safe stock for mom and pop to invest for retirement? Ahaha...ATHX is risky as it goes so if you made the mistake thinking otherwise, you rather to sell now. This baby can go to 50 cents when bad results will be released.
        I hate stupid or naive people.

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