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  • yzzycz yzzycz Apr 19, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Jesus crist people..get a grip of yourself. You know why you got into this stock.

    why you let a evidently hit piece from idiot who will switch from long to short to make $$$ on you change you opion about this company? For everyone who sold in huys rather to sell all stocks and keep money under matress. Evidently if data would be so bad they wouldn't start other study in england.

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    • On the one hand, I agree with you, although on the other hand, frankly I'm fed up with blatant attempts at manipulation that push the boundaries of even what's legal and what's not. In some cases, this directly affects what I earn and the Company's ability to be successful. For example, I recently got screwed on a BBRY trade after some company posted false information and the stock dropped around a buck. Maybe they'll get sued or fined or thrown in jail, but I'm still down 1k in profit from those lies on a short-term option.

      Another recent Motley Fool article writes about how Cedar Fair doesn't own amusement parks! And this stuff gets printed??!!

      So while the stock may come back today, the author clearly stopped its short-term momentum as we would have likely had a positive day. He probably profited from his short, or went long in a big way. Either way, it stinks.

      Sentiment: Buy

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