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  • wahnton1138 wahnton1138 Jun 21, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    Athersys Catalysts revisited

    Sadly, as I peruse the message board, most topics are "hidden" based on the numerous ignored users I have on my list. As particular Catalysts are taking longer than expected, I thought it time to revisit the list I made with updates:
    1. According to Gil from the recent conference, they should hear back fairly soon for FDA response to their GvHD Phase 2/3 Clinical Trial Plan: (Originally I thought May. I would think this to be newsworthy for them to announce although I could be wrong. If not announced by next quarter earnings, an update on this should be asked.)

    2. Quarterly reports: Second Quarter 2013 results approximately mid-August

    3. 5HT2c Receptor Compound Partnership: (Originally, based on the comments made last year by the Company, this could occur anytime, and would seem likely before July, although I now think the horizon for this could be longer, such as through the end of the year. Regardless of the time frame, a good deal needs to be done.)

    4. IBD Phase 2 Clinical Trial Top Line results sometime in the 4th quarter.

    5. Stroke Phase 2 Clinical Trial Results likely to be sometime in 1st quarter 2014.

    6. Peer Reviewed Publications: I thought I heard that something is likely to be published in the short term?

    7. RTI Partnership Payments: sometime in 2013, although probably not significant unless RTI's product is successful so we should probably view this as a gradual income stream.

    8. Potential Partnerships for other conditions: can occur anytime

    9. Analyst initiation/upgrades/downgrades: can occur anytime although more likely to occur in the week following an earnings release.

    10. Grant awards: I don't see any recent awards, although as I recall Grants have been a significant source of funding for the company, so I assume these can be announced anytime.

    The Company also recently added to management Manal Morsy MD, PhD, Vice President and Head of Global Regulatory Affairs. Running out of allowed space for this post: we should have some news soon!

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    • RTIX is now starting to commercialize their MAP3 product, from their CC today:

      Looking ahead, we continue to progress on the path towards commercialization of our MAP3 cellular allogeneic bone graft. We’re excited to announce that the first human implantation of MAP3 is scheduled for this week. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available. We still anticipate that MAP3 will launch in late 2013 and we’re excited about the opportunities for these implants in the marketplace.

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    • Today's 8-6-13 AMI grant release is having a positive effect pre-market- we'll see where we end up. Next catalyst will likely be next week's earnings report and associated comments. I would expect cash burn to be up with some positive forward-looking statements.

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    • We have positive news and potential catalyst regarding the "Heart Grafts Tolerized Through Third-Party Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells Can Be Retransplanted to Secondary Hosts With No Immunosuppression" published article.

      I believe this was mentioned by the Company about two months ago. It seems clear that whatever we think may happen in the "short-term" may in reality take a little bit longer- whether a forthcoming published article or partnership.

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      • You are totally correct. Nothing with this company has changed, except for the stock price. All of the great things that were bantered about earlier in the year are still in place. To quote Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in this morning's USA Today (when talking about Dwight Howard), "potential has a shelf life". GLTA longs

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    • well I like your posts, very organized and true
      look, this stock will be a gold mine as stem cell therapy will rule in the near future UPON FDA approval, already approved in Europe and Asia but the US is where the big $ is, I see $90 within 3 years so the looongs will be rewarded thousands of percent

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    • All the catalysts you mentioned are correct. I read a scientific paper on one of Athersys's patent submissions last weekend and was shocked at their capability. If you read "MAPC therapeutics without adjunctive immunosuppressive treatment" you too will be shocked. Numerous disease indications listed, dosage for the various indications, different methods of delivery, using with pharmacological agents, comparison with other stem cell types, properties, mode of action, etc. Also, they are working on state of the art manufacturing that the FDA WILL REQUIRE to maintain potency, assuring all cells are MAPC's and more. After taking 2 days to read and understand, I came away with one word"Magic Bullet". I believe we are gearing for several phase 3 trials now.

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    • thanks thats what i was looking for

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