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  • goodbrain007 goodbrain007 Jun 22, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Every once in a While.........

    A winner comes along. "so what's going on with Athersys?"...that's what my buddy ask me thurs. I said ,"i dont know other than the fact it looks like another YMI to me! ". Looks like the officers have protected themselves from a "take over" by setting up all the recent 4k shares. and right before July PII announcement. If this PII is good to great i think it's a 2 bagger from here.......and then on to Dec (or Jan)? for the stroke study. a neutral or negative PII result in July would,imo bring the pps to $1(hopes of dec would keep it at base) and $3ish if good. I've been following athx for a while now, and see this as a good bet(more upside than down). I can't really figure out all the silience ......good or bad...but it is very refreshing. I like BIG suprises(the thrill). I read the posts on this m.b. on and off and no clues here either. the tech chart looks like a great setup for a run....agreeing with another poster here. I always thought the last 2 days of this month-June, would be a perfect time to load up,but with the "tards" on wall street selling , i found an opportunity now to buy. I cannot compete with the level 3 computer- big boys, but they do make mistakes,and that's their weakness-panic. i do follow my own advice.........."problems are opportunities to make money" which i see another poster bought into this Dip too. Well in less than 4 weeks we will know the out come and i think it may be a lot of "fun and profit". I see some blogs about shorts? what shorts? athx is shorted at 2% of float which is a signal also. GLTA. JMHO

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    • ooops,oct-dec for PII results .JMHO

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    • p.s. YMI was an obscure company like athx that no one knew about (not even until Adam F bashed it moderatley in his "kick adam f. in the mailbag" friday AM release ,before Sunday results. I like betting on his i bought on that friday, a small position....just to see the results. Sunday results were great....but no movement in the stock(or volume) i bought more(didn't plan that). after the close of tues, i thought i would buy more on weds morning open..................but no,because it halted and they announced the buyout. This is my reference to the above.BAGGER.MHO

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