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  • brody_pierce brody_pierce Aug 28, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Athersys publishes secretome of MAPC (MultiStem) - Big(ish) news


    Multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs) are adult adherent stromal stem cells currently being assessed in acute graft versus host disease clinical trials with demonstrated immunomodulatory capabilities and the potential to ameliorate detrimental autoimmune and inflammation-related processes. Our previous studies documented that MAPCs secrete factors that play a role in regulating T-cell activity. Here we expand our studies using a proteomics approach to characterize and quantify MAPC secretome components secreted over 72 hours in vitro under steady-state conditions and in the presence of the inflammatory triggers interferon-γ and lipopolysaccharide, or a tolerogenic CD74 ligand, RTL1000. MAPCs differentially responded to each of the tested stimuli, secreting molecules that regulate the biological activity of the extracellular matrix (ECM), including proteins that make up the ECM itself, proteins that regulate its construction/deconstruction, and proteins that serve to attach and detach growth factors from ECM components for redistribution upon appropriate stimulation. MAPCs secreted a wide array of proteases, some detectable in their zymogen forms. MAPCs also secreted protease inhibitors that would regulate protease activity. MAPCs secreted chemokines and cytokines that could provide molecular guidance cues to various cell types, including neutrophils, macrophages, and T cells. In addition, MAPCs secreted factors involved in maintenance of a homeostatic environment, regulating such diverse programs as innate immunity, angiogenesis/angiostasis, targeted delivery of growth factors, and the matrix-metalloprotease cascade.


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    • Yipee! breakhrough with pregnator cells. Oh baa...boy.

    • See GALE, ATHX is going to be grabbed soon

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    • Brody, first you cite no source. That's always a problem. Next we need to consider the following: ". . . to characterize and quantify MAPC secretome components secreted over 72 hours in vitro . . ." An in vivo result that replicates the in vitro outcomes would be much more impressive and, if what you posted is valid, reasonably provocative news.

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      • Ronharv I'm not sure I like you. In the future if you continue to have problems with my posts, or question their validity, feel free to put me on ignore or just dont comment on them. Thanks.

        The abstract i mentioned was published online today: here is the link with return breaks since this message board stinks and won't allow links:


        First Published Online August 27, 2013
        doi: 10.5966/sctm.2013-0031
        Stem Cells Trans Med August 2013 sctm.2013-0031

        Also a simple search of the hash tag $athx on twitter brings up this article. It was posted by multiple people today including Alexey Bersenev, who if you are unfamiliar, is a pretty well regarded figure in the field.

    • What's the source of this? Is this new?

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      • Wahnton, don't ask Brody to cite a source or he won't like you. How will you ever live with that?

        And think of all those misguided college students who are required to cite sources on term papers. Makes a man want to weep in light of those tens of thousands of unliked college teachers. And remember that Brody brooks no contrary opinion. Can't accuse the fellow of being a stickler about the 1st Amendment.

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