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  • sandymatata Nov 25, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Looking for an entry point

    First post on YMB. I am looking for an entry point for ATHX between now and Dec 15th. Is the current price of 2.10 a good point, or do you feel it will pull back and trade between the 1.70-2.00 range in the coming weeks. Looking for sound guidance as this will impact the number or shares I can purchase with limited funds. My goal is to hold long for at least a year if not more. GLTA

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    • I have a friend that had been buying the dips in the 1.60's and selling when it hits around 2 for a couple times in the past months. But even he is holding at this point. In my opinion, Since Athersys had been delayed a couple times in IBD results the wave in has also been delayed. But now that the results are on track to be delivered in the next 3-4 months, people are starting to look at this more closely. Anybody looking more closely can see that this company has a low market cap given its potential. Add to that, the recent announcement in Japan, its hard not to feel like Regenerative Medicine companies can get to market much sooner. If results are positive, Athersys can start generating revenue years sooner than many of us thought just two weeks ago. I would buy now and if it dips a little, buy more.

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    • Sandy,

      If you have a one year timeframe, a 20 to 30 cent difference will not matter!! I understand that we all want to buy at the bottom and sell at the top but that is really not a reasonable expectation for a small retail investor in the biotech market.

      The problem with this trade is that the Japanese decision to open the regenerative market to products with a good safety profile but clinically unproven efficacy is a game-changer for ATHX! Their safety profile is literally PERFECT and their possible treatment options are very high.

      Best advice? Start small and build a position even to the point of re-aligning/rebalancing your portfolio relative to your risk tolerance and ALWAYS have a back-up plan for a catastrophic melt-down. NO MARGIN!!

      Good luck!


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      • +1 on Biotechfan73 recommendation. Just buy what you can afford and stick it on the shelf for awhile. I tend to like having a small portfolio of emerging biotech stocks like IPCI, ATHX,CYTX, NWBO, etc- even if 1 hits it can more than make up for all the others if the bottom falls out.
        Jumped on ARIA on Friday and enjoying a nice ride up there- stock sold off in a big way as FDA pulled a drug that the European FDA equivalent is allowing. Many patients/doctors are lobbying to get it re-instated with a few conditions as there are no other treatment options.

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