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  • wahnton1138 wahnton1138 Dec 23, 2013 7:52 AM Flag

    Size of Positions / This Board

    Hello all- for the past few years I've found this message board to be informative and seemingly above the usual spam chatter that many times can occur- thank you to all of the regular useful contributors, both long and short.

    Question: how many people have positions greater than 50,000 shares? I'm not asking you to identify yourself and state your position (although some have already), just for a Thumbs Up if you're in that camp. Why ask? I guess I'm curious and would like to think that people with what I would consider a sizable position would have hopefully done their homework. Or maybe a lot of gamblers in the stock. Regardless, just trying to understand who we have out there- thanks.

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    • I'm small potatoes compared to that bar, but my investment in ATHX is part of a larger, diversified small cap portfolio I'm holding. My strategy is to buy long in stocks that I believe have huge upside potential. I typically invest in stocks that suffer some kind of bad news and see their price drop lower than the financials/history/opportunity suggest it should, and IMHO have a great chance to turn things around. I view investments in terms of years and not months, so I'm more patient than the average day-trader, but I have cut my losses and dumped poorly performing stocks when I disagreed with a management decision or lost faith in their ability to get the job done.
      I bought my ATHX position in two buys that average $1.49 per share. Today, that'ss a 51 percent gain, which I consider a solid double. A home run would be a 100 percent gain, allowing me to sell half my position and play with the house's money the rest of the way. But I'm really hoping this stock is a grand slam. GLTAL

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    • Started accumulating this stock yrs ago at .40/.50 per share,sold a half the position at $4.7 on its first big run to $6.7(Pfizer. collaboration)....accumulated some more at $1..was going to buy more but lots of recent insider sales(most looks like yr end profit taking though),will pick up some more on any retreat near $2......still high risk and speculative...,but a long term hold.

    • I have 999,999 shares in my paper One should buy what one can afford to lose. Subjective as that may be.

    • i'm well under 50k shares. but besides my 401k and other mutual funds, this is 100% of my stock holdings. i'm a first time investor and my logic is this that i'd rather take a shot at getting a 10+bagger here and let my mutual funds be the conservative side. when I ask myself what are the next great boom industries, I think of next generation medicine and energy. There are no clear winners in alternative energy (wind, solar, etc. who knows), but regenerative medicine is clearly the future of healthcare and with an aging population the demand will only go up. in the regen med industry I did my dd and ATHX looks like the real deal, so I have no problems taking a shot here.

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      • While not a first time investor, I'm still "young enough" to be able to responsibly have a fair amount of risk. That said, I also try and balance out what most would consider this to be as a risk investment with other investments that are more on the conservative side. Or at least that I think that's what I'm doing.

        I believe in taking a shot every now and then.

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    • Only 1600 shares here... Only recently got in at $2.19pps... Wont get rich but will gladly enjoy the ride with you all!

    • 10k shares, sold some to get in on ARIA for a short play, and once it hits 10-12, I will be right back in here accumulating.

    • It's clear we easily have over a half million represented shares on this Board- not too shabby!!!

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    • 5000 shares. guess I'm a nobody. Been trying to buy more and actually have an order in now but doubt it will get filled

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      • That's exactly where I am. Bought 3k shares for 1.50 early this year and have ATHX on a monthly auto investment of $50. Convinced my Mom to take half her profits from selling her house and she got 21k for 1.90. My reward will be a new home if this does well =).

      • I have 5100 shares myself that I've been accumulating since last spring when I first got in at $1.33 for 4000 initial shares. I would get much more if I could afford it but that's all I can do right now. In the meantime I've been buying 50 to 100 shares occasionally as I can. I have a small order in today for 70 shares. I fully intend to continue to hold this for at least the next few years and see where it goes.

        I don't ever post here but I've been following this board closely for the past year and I appreciate very much the great information from many of the long regulars.

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      • Sometimes having relatively smaller positions can work to your advantage: those with larger positions may prematurely sell, while you can let yours run and "not think about it"...

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      • wisco, your 5K can and will go a long way , especially if you give it meaningful time, measured in years and not months.

    • people lie .. so this is b.s

    • I don't mind saying.. I have 125,000 shares, purchased in a range of $.95 to $1.75. Even as good as that, half of them are in Roth IRA accounts (meaning, they will eventually come out tax free :) )

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