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  • genesnp123 genesnp123 Sep 1, 2011 9:10 AM Flag

    GeneMe infomercial preview??

    The below video clip is from

    I believe this is the company owned by Robert Trussell that has the license to market Genelink products through infomercial's.
    See the link below for Trussells accomplishments with Tempur-Pedic, WOW!!

    CEO Bernard Kasten has said these infomercials will start airing in late 3rd QTR or early 4th QTR and GeneLink will see revenue in 4th QTR.

    In my opinion this could be really big for GeneLink and it's stockholders. Imagine what could happen to the stock price if the GeneLink technology is on national TV and Trussell does for GeneLink what he did for Tempur- Pedic.

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    • Is there a Class Action suit yet?

      I want my money back from these crooks!!!!

      • 1 Reply to tedisdead101
      • You 3 are obviously intellectually challenged having a pity party with yourselves. This stock has legs with Trussell spending money on infomercials and Capsulas spending its own money on marketing Genewize. The clear winner will be GeneLink providing product to these distributors with no cost added to their balance sheet. If these marketing arms have any success at at all GeneLink stock will soar.

    • You are an idiot. No one would pay $200 a month for a vitamin!!!!

    • Well in my opinion the whole concept is “scammy”.

      Not one single bit of research showing that a $200 a month “customized” vitamin has any health benefits.

      No wonder this Dog does not Hunt.

    • Alright, we're cool. You're right though. Martha has been robbing her shareholders blind for years, and keeps pumping the stock so she can find new people (victims) to sell her shares to.

    • I hear Ya Bro. I just expose SCAMs like Martha Stewart and this POS GeneSCAM!!!!!

    • Hey GeneScam, why you shi**in' on me on the MSO board?

      I'm a fellow Bear on Martha.

      You know I sh*t on Love/Hate and the other Bulls every chance I get.

    • You poor bastard.

      I do not feel sorry for you.

      Just keep bending over and let the Crack Management Team at GeneSCAM just keep giving it to you.

    • Hey Genescam, I can tell your are really getting nervous now because your making no sense at all.

      Who cares about what happened with Genelink in the past. It's what they do today that counts and they have made great moves that look they will pay off handsomely in the very near future.

      The supplement industry is a huge multi billion dollar industry and non of the products have peer reviewed studies. Your the only one that cares about a peer reviewed study. The general public doesn't care they are buying billions of dollars of supplements like Centrum One a Day etc. all with no clinical peer reviewed studies.

      I guess before you eat an apple or blueberries you want to see a clinical study on that too. Your a joke!!!!

      This is not a prescription drug it's just good nutrition that's customized to each individual. Just like the genetic tests they don't treat cure or diagnose any disease, it's just informational.

      Your bulling scare tactics won't work anymore.

    • You poor Bastard.

      You Drank the Kool-Aid!!!!!!

      Your Crack Management Team has pissed away millions of investment dollars with no return other than giving themselves a paycheck.

      You have a lot more than the FDA to worry about. Try the FCC and DoJ for making false marketing claims.

      There is not one, get it, not one single peer reviewed study that documents GeneSCAMS claims that a “Customized” vitamin has any health benefits.

      Nope, not one.

      Just more GeneSCAM crap!!!!

    • Hey Genescam, It sounds to me like your getting a little nervous that all the time and effort you've spent over the last couple of years bashing Genelink didn't workout for you as you planned!!!!

      Your FDA scare tactic argument has no teeth! Genelink has been selling the same genetic tests to consumers for 7+ years. If the FDA was going to shut them down they would have done it a long time ago. Remember the big difference with the Genelink genetic tests is they don't treat cure or diagnose any disease. They are less invasive than a home pregnancy test you buy at the drugstore.

      You can't argue with the fact that spinning of Genewize is a positive move. You can't argue with the fact that Robert Trussell's GeneMe infomercial's could be really big.

      So your only argument is the FDA? Which everyone else believes they have handled.

      So whats the bottom line here, as I have said before this stock is only at .08 cents. So if your right there's not much to lose here. But if the Genelink mgt team, Capsalus and Robert Trussel and everyone else is right and I think they are then this .08 cent stock could have huge gains over the next couple of months.

      You have to give credit when credit is due and for once the Genelink mgt team has done a lot of really really good things here. The potential from these licensing deals are huge.

      PS: you should do a little more research on the mattresses that Robert Trussells 4billion market cap company sells. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are very expensive very high end.

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