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  • seablue918 seablue918 Mar 3, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    OAKBX has lost it's Mojo

    FundMojo, my favorite fund analysis site, now gives OAKBX a "C" (score of 58 out of 100).

    Zachs, which definitely plays hardball but, from my experience, is often dead on, continues to rate OAKBX a strong sell.

    It seems this fund, which has been in my portfolio seemingly forever, has morphed from an excellent balanced fund into a (feels like, acts like) mediocre equity fund. As equities rise, it should do fine (albeit with a .77 mgt fee). As equities correct, maybe not so fine.

    I cut my OAKBX holdings in half a year ago, taking it from my biggest position down a few notches. Now I have liquidated at one brokerage and will further reduce or possibly eliminate in the other. Bogle and Buffet have long said people are better off in low cost index funds vs. managed funds that can do well for several years but ultimately tend to fall off. I suspect they'd repeat that after viewing this fund. It might be that a 70% stock, 30% bond index mix with miniscule mgt fees would be a far better bet.

    The fund is now closed to new investors which, for new investors, might be a good thing. One saving grace might be new management but that's likely not in the cards.

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    • I agree. If you look at the charts, comparing returns for the past 10 years to other funds it looks great. I checked the returns for the last 2 years and most recent. That's when the complacency set in. Didn't his co-manager leave around then?

    • this is a spam post

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      • That's bizarre. A spam post? I bought into OAKBX the day it went on the market and still own a pretty good chunk even after scaling back twice now. My point, which apparently you interpret to drive people to another website, is that more than one site that specializes in mutual fund evalulations has turned cold on OAKBX and I thought that worth sharing with this msg board.

        This fund is so heavily stock oriented that it nearly tracks the DOW. That's not what I would hope for in a balanced fund. I think this fund could easily be replicated in ETFs, roughly using a 70-30 stock, bond mix, and to save the commission.

    • OMG, forget your website; this is a nice conservative balanced fund for those who are happy to make a reasonable profit and sleep at night... I own many aggressive growth funds, etc., etc., but I also own this fund for a balanced portfolio... What, you want to make a killing on every fund; forget it...

    • Seablue, the fund is doing just fine now. 7%YTD. Granted end of 2008, beginning of 2009 fund was down but all were. Low yield on treasuries is hurting yield but still give some backup stability. Holding its own against other balanced funds such as Dodge & Cox, Fidility Balanced, etc. I'm happy with the current results.

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