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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Mar 9, 2012 5:30 AM Flag

    Overdoing it.


    They are FLUSH with liquidity. The street is betting on the Jockey here.

    This stock can go much higher.

    I should point out that you were convinced that CPWM was going bankrupt and you shorted it at $2.

    Its $14 now.

    This is just your way of bashing the stock because you failed to buy it when it was cheap.

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    • You were wrong, and I was right. (Which you seem never able to admit...but enjoy, instead, pointing out when I was wrong, exclusively.)

      I got you out of HERO in the high $4's. Now you can buy it back at $3.

      I got you into EMMS, and you doubled your money.

      And on and on.

      I got you into CPWM, but, perversely, you "blame" me there, because I sold out in the low single digits.

      On BONT, you wanted it to go higher, and ignored the underlying story, in the short term.

      A new CEO isn't a panacea. He needs to perform. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. My point was that his communication style suggested to a decent degree that he might not be able to be trusted...because the communication style in press releases suggests a self-respect issue, to me.

      I have no opinion on this stock at current prices. The leverage is so high, it remains a crapshoot...although I would lean towards the buy side.

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      • You were right ?

        You failed to buy BONT when I did at $3.51 and missed out on a double. All while losing your butt and mine in HTCH.

        Thanks for getting me out of HERO, Im back in at $3.19.

        But you are WRONG just as often as you are right. Except in your mind.


        And the list goes on & on.

        The fact is, your "opinion" of a stock is based mostly on your trading position and if you sold out or missed a stock, the stock is automatically crap or there are much better places for it. In your mind anyway.

        You told me to buy & put in a drawer FBN & NTZ & HTCH. I did. And I have HUGE losses in 2 of them and a loss in the 3rd.

        I can see it clear as day. You are convinced its some kind of vendetta against you.

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