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First Virginia Banks Inc. (FVB) Message Board

  • gunnar45 gunnar45 Jun 11, 1999 10:25 PM Flag

    Motley Fool message board

    I was wandering around the Motley Fool pages and
    went to the FVB message board there. Can't say it's
    nearly as active as this one, but there was one post
    from 6/4/98 that caught my eye. It described an offer
    by BB&T for FVB at $80 a share. If true, you really
    have to wonder how stupid Barry is.

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    • they don't see any reason to change the status
      quo...not a vibrant organization that i can see, for the
      reasons earlier noted. if the VTech MBA hasn't got a
      thesis yet might look at how a local independent bank
      justifies flat market share (check the zip codes of their
      customer base and the relationship of deposits, bank
      activity and general revenue gen'd from these customers)
      in a dynamic business sector. buying a couple of
      piss ant banks in SW VA and Tenn doesn't impress me
      for substantially increasing the top line. Basically,
      this is a bad investment for a newbie. everybody shud
      be looking for an acceptable exit price.

    • IMHO, the downgrade was a result of the bank's
      insistence on remaining independent. Without being acquired,
      FVB really has little to recommend it. No market
      share except in Falls Church, branch locations all over
      BFE, consolidations occurring now which should have
      been accomplished years ago, technological dinosaur,
      flat earnings, no prospects for better under current
      less-than-mediocre management.

    • Was FVB downgraded? Anyone know?

    • Yoda: Sympathize do I. Lost faith have I, too (25 yrs having owned, once Employed, now DRIP). Go too may I in the Yoda way. Good Luck. MTFBWY.

    • Company, blinded by its own
      Management, aged, conservative, cautious (i.e.
      Company Past better than future...
      Egos, not
      Frustration, present according to Obi Wan ...
      pay attention!
      Read "Art of Feng Shui"...
      not change ways, but reduce time spent on
      Good for shareholders...
      Agree, company not selling
      soon, 57+ only seen if rumors true...
      letting go most of stock...Pursue interests in
      Close to company for long time, difficult to say
      Goodbye...Good Luck friends!!!!

    • what the future of the bank is. Lots of
      consolidations--did they just learn of economies of scale? Too bad
      those egos are not marketable items or assets to the
      corporation. Without a merger I think you'll be waiting quite
      awhile for $57 a share.

    • Cruelty...
      FVB nurturing independence,
      shareholders suffer...
      2nd quarter, better than expected.
      Smoke & mirrors or reality?
      Egos many Yoda hears
      from Obi Wan. Obi Wan says more shakeups in
      Gunnar, light of FVB Message Board, where is company
      Yoda,still considering sell of stock if 57+? Advice of
      Gunnar, appreciated!

    • You're so cruel. It's time to sell--the bank that is.

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      sorry, away carried , I

      Remarks on second quarter, have you?

    • If the time has come for the buyout I guess I should load up on some call options. Did it with Signet Bank made a killing. You can get the DEC 55 calls for a buck and a half.

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