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  • baintally baintally May 6, 2001 7:44 PM Flag

    where are all the regular posters

    did all you guys bail? I am getting a little edgey also. I am thinking on waiting until earnings and then selling half of my OCCF. This stock is safe in bad times, but it is also too slow to move. Need the money to put somewhere that will run when Alan cuts the rates. what yall think? Morrison, Ezeedad where yall at?

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    • You trust the goverment?
      Join Morrison's Mauraders
      1. If fed does not cut 50 then what?
      2. Bad news ever day but Nasdaq going up, could be a sneak attack use caution.
      3. I would not sell for under 13.25
      4. Fast movers can also move fast in reverse.
      5. If i knew what I was talking about I would be rich.

    • Sorry, been too involved in getting my butt kicked in an e-mail chess event. OCCF is still one of my core holdings. If you need the money, by all means sell half. But I think you'll see some quick gains in OCCF when the shorts start getting squeezed. Remember the action last year when it would go up several points a day? If I knew what would run when rates are cut again, I might consider selling some, but OCCF has as good of chance at running as any. I have added to my JDSU and GLW - still upset I didn't pick up AMCC. Glad to hear I was missed! Take care. BTW, where is morrison?!

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