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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jan 21, 2005 4:17 PM Flag

    Today's price

    FCPR.PK price $.04. Stock is now priced for closeout clearance sale. Get yours now before it goes to zero!

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    • Steve cohen wisdom:

      he bought a million shares today so he can average out his $12.00, $8.00, $6.00, and $3.00 a share stock with the 0.04 cents a share stock so it will have an average of $1.00 a share so when they go bankrupt, he can tell his wife it only cost him a buck a share.

      this is the type of mentality that ran falcon and shelby into the ground. There should have been some 'natural selection,' against god making brainless wonders as frank and steve.

      please someone post steve cohen's home number to ask his wife he she thinks belinda is better in bed than she, and ask her if her husband throws tantrums like he does at falcon.

      what's her name, holly? She gotta be one dumb bitch not to know what is going on or maybe that's why stevie married her? Think of that scenaro sport fans.

      good time to call her at home is when this miracle manager of the managerie goes out on the road to act like his work means anything.

      i'm gonna do like the falcon and the snowman and buy all i can at zero. And really stevie should also buy as much as he can at zero so he can drop his average even below a buck.

      stevie, your next job will be with tupperware and avon. So sport, just get ready for the house parties,,, and of course bring belinda along with you. Your wife probably is to stupid to help you sell that shit.

      if you loved the stock at $3 sport, you must just be shitting with joy at it being at 4 pennies.

      yes, steve is indeed the ultimate jerk. Corn and cluck and falcon stock steve for under a buck.

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      • To attack Belinda is crap.... I know her well and she would never have anything with Cohen. She is a highly religous person that just wants to do her job... She is a single mother and is devoted to her family. She is going to college to prepare herself to be marketable when Shelby folds. Stop disrespecting her unless you have real proof. I would bet my life savings that you would like to have a relationship with her (if you could possibly). Normally people like you just jerk --- in a closet somewhere. Take a centerfold and go into your bathroom.....

      • Hopsingsay:

        ship's captain, frank, who knows nothing about sailing and depends on safe harbor, will still be swept out to see during slightest storm.

        but captain, manny, who knows sea like back of hand, never need safe harbor for he navigate through any type of weather.

        ship's captain, frank, who takes on debt like water, then become too heavy to sail out of harbor.

        but ship's captain, manny, never take on debt like water so he can sail through roughest water, without need for "safe harbor."

        moral of story: frank drown under own debt no matter what safe harbor agreement say.

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