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  • pmlljl pmlljl Feb 2, 2005 4:05 PM Flag

    Where are you michael the moron.

    Who, exactly, is this message addressed to?

    You need some prozac.

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    • He is addressing Michael Jacobs -- Frank's son. He isn't happy unless he's being combative and argumentative with people. I think that's why he's been so quiet lately.....no one to "fight" with on the posting board. I will be his next victim- guaranteed. He is a very knowledgeable and intelligent person, but does seem to enjoy confrontation.

      By the way, Fred Melloy is home and is fine. He did not have a "severe heart" attack. His heartbeat was irregular, but has been corrected, and he is doing okay.

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      • Putzy,

        Thank you for your kind words. Quite unusual for you. From reading your post I'd say you are a little confrontational yourself. That includes the message I am replying to.

        Guess I pinched a nerve with my past statment about how nice you were when Belinda took you into her confidence. If she in fact did.

        By the way Fred Melloy is not staying at home but is at work on "light duty". Also he went to the hospital because of a "tightness in his chest". You should call Fred and ask him. But I do appreciate your positive update! I do not appreciate the poster who spread the embellished rumor. I wish more people would at least try to be factual on this board. It makes Shelby people look bad. It detracts from the truthful information posted on this site. It just isn't a right thing.

        Now about me being confrontational. Absolutly. Whenever anybody bullsh_ts, lies, insults me, my friends, my loved ones, hurts other people wrongly. I'm gonna jump right down their throats. For some reason it seems that a higher power guides me. I do enjoy stepping on bad people and telling the truth as I know it. I have never took a step back from anyone in my life however I have turned my cheek on many occasions. I guess it's kinda like the reasons George W. Bush says were in Iraq. Only difference is I'm not lying. It's all about oil.

        Your guarenttee that I would respond to you (victim) was correct. I think that was a no brainer. I wonder why you wanted a confrontation with me. Seems quite hypocritical.

        Just wondering if you apoligized to Belinda today for betraying her confidence. That would certainly avoid a confrontation with her if she really is Ms. Crystal.

        Why I have not been posting is because I have been nursing and at the bedside of a beloved family member most of the last two & 1/2 months. The person is disabled before she shattered her ankle. I have also been trained to give her the physical therapy that will help her to possibly walk again. I leave tomorrow to continue helping. I feel very fortunate I have the time to help!! I also have a business to run.

        Best of luck,
        Mike Portz

    • Ohh, stop!! You guys have had me laughing so hard I'm ready to pee myself!!!! Sorry.... Mr pmlljl or whateverthe hell your name is; theh "Moron" is Michael Jacobs.....the misplaced sperm sample of Frank Jacobs.... who for a while tortured Mike Portz on the message boards under the name of Breyne-or Bryene, soemthing like that. They battled wits back and forth, and the Breyne guy was so disgustingly nasty that people complained and he was gone for a while. I mean....the guy would have made Michael Jackson happier than a naked 3 year old boy!!!! Anyway, he's disappeared, and nobody cares, because he's probably hiding on the desert island that he and Frank plan on hiding out on to keep the Feds from busting their butts and putting them in prison cells with Big JOhnson and The Cracker Hacker.

      Prozac would be the last thing Michael J. would take....I think he's more into the Ecstasy, Coke, Heroine, Crack and Smack.....that kinda stuff. Mike Portz in Las Vegas seems to either have run with him at one time, or had a bad run-in with him.

      Just trying to fill you in. So, what does anyone think will happen to Shelby or Falcon/Newport? Nothing ----AGAIN?

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      • Mr. Sherman,

        I would like to set the record straight about my sobriety. I think I have stated most of the following on this board before but I think it is important to be redundant in this case.

        I hve been addicted to Cocaine ("Coke"), free-base ("Crack"") "Heroine" (Same thing as "Smack"). You did not mention them but it is true that I have been addicted to methamphetime (altough it was called speed at the time), barbituates (prescription pain-killers), alcohol, LSD, and grass. I have taken ectasy a few times in my early 20's when it was called another name (MDCS or something). I am not proud of any of this!! But it is the truth I have to live with. With the exception of pot, which I occasionally used through my 40's and alcohol all of these other addictions were in my late teens and early twenties. Life was hell!! I lived on some tough streets. I guess that is where I learned to fight. For my life that is.

        I have NOT even had a drink in over 2 years. I am in recovery and do attend AA meetings almost daily and will for the rest of my life. All though I was not a low bottom drunk, I did drink every nite and very few could tell when I actually was drunk. There are many friends who know or knew me, and are in denial, that would tell you I did not have a drinking problem. I don't really know. But I do know that alcoholism is a progessive disease that get's worse and worse until it finally kills you. It actually kills more people then all cancers combined according to the AMA. So if you drink everyday and can't stop at a few, be careful. Life is very precious in my opinion. It might be of interest to some that the only drug that they will give you medication for in jail, when you are withdrawing is alcohol. The reason why is Alcohol is the only drug that can kill a human being when withdrawing. Trust me all withdrawals no matter what the drug type are very painful in one way or another.

        I am still addicted to fishing, sex and work. I enjoy the hell out of all three.

        I would appreciate if you nor anybody else say I still use anythng because it's been way over 25 years since my addiction to hard drugs. I take great pride in my sobriety. It is a much better life for me. My hope is that maybe this message will help somebody that is addicted to something. I truly know their pain. Even michael. I think you can tell that I am being very honest. I only awnser to a God of my own understanding.

        Best regards,
        Mike Portz

        (702) 362-9191 mportz2000@yahoo.com

        PS I have know my whole life that I travel to "the beat of a different drummer". It is my opinion that we all do.

      • Sherman, Sherman, Sherman,

        Although your description of michael is quite apt, trust me michael has never "tortured" me under any of his 5 different idenitities. I have enjoyed toying with both michael and frankie on this site. Although you yourself as well as many others have also blasted him many times, the only ones that bothered him were myself, maddlin, crystal & yourself. Especially me. It seems apparent because of his lack of response to many others who taunted him. I challenged his manhood, told truthful bits of information about both of them, was the first on this board to expose him as michael, so you would all know who it was, insulted his father in the worst ways. I don't think I "battled wits back and forth" with him. I think you would agree he has none. I think you would agree that he lied and I didn't. I think you would agree he doesn't have the brains to screw with me. I found a vast majority of his post very funny. I thought everybody did till his messages became do reptitive. I enjoyed investors knowing what both frankie and his son were really like. breyin01 was disgustingly nasty long before I started posting. I got tired of it. I think he dislikes me more then others because he hates the factual truth like a devil hates the cross. Also he will never forget when I through him out of the MCA office with his tail between his legs. One of two people I did that to while working for them over 20 years.

        Hope you have a good night. I have tried to be factual. I hope you can appreciate that.

        Mike Portz

        (702) 362-9191 mportz2000@yahoo.com

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