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  • mportz2000 mportz2000 Feb 18, 2005 2:37 PM Flag

    pmlljl-everybodys fool

    Ms. moron,

    You are now on my "ignore this moron" function included within this site. I figured this site is where you hang so I thought I'd refresh your pea brain and refute your latest bullcrap that you posted yesterday on the FCP site. It's unbelievable how you continually misrepresent documented facts.

    1. You said yesterday that your original message "politely asked the Falcon people" to leave this FLXS board. See your message #240 on this site. See my message #241 to check out the first time I put you in your place. You know if you had asked politelly, I think myself and the other FCP posters would have left at that time. But no you had to be the ahole you were born to be. We finally left about 450 messages later so I think you can see how you impressed us with your politeness.

    2. You said that I was the only one to reply in a very rude manner to your "polite" request. Check out message #242 which is a great example of how others veiwed your poupous, arrogant, self-centered, stingy, seeking control and seekiing power request. After you read it,consider that a sane person would feel like a total fool but I think your pea brain has built a tolerance to feeling like a fool. I guess I should call this tolerance denial.

    3.) You said "no one ever came to my defense after you started showing us what a total ahole you are. Check out message #243. I think it describes what most other FCP posters feel about your seeking confrontation with me.

    I stopped reading past post #247 because I couldn't stop laughing at you. Also I really don't have the time to keep toying with your inferiority complex and lack of intelligence. I will move on to more stimulating endeavors.

    It's been really great getting to a clown and loser like yourself. A wannabee and neverwill. Your a lousy person. The definition of a jerk. The definition of an ahole. Ringing your bell is so easy. After your continual insults I must admit it was fun to anger you. But it has got kinda redundant as well as boring. You just can't compete. I'd be willing to bet it's the story of your life. You keep exposing more of the real you with your every post.

    Hope you looked up Saprogenic. I think it very aptly decribes your personality and what is one of the character defects that surfaces in every one of your messages.You are quite correct about one thing. I did mentally "bully" you. It sure was easy. Lord forgive me. You just kept asking for it.

    Good by. You do need some help for your masochism.

    Your master,

    Don't forget to spellcheck my message. This is an order. It is your job.

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    • Potty: No Mikey, I only post under the name of pmlljl. We apparently have another sane person here who recognizes you for what you are-an idiotic jerk! Why don't you put the whole FLXS board on ignore?

    • Gay Basher,

      Looks like your so mad and in a fear you can't write anything.

      You've been on both sides of what fence. I make a lot of money in the "loser furniture market". It's probably that your just a loser.

      Gather your self together and respond on the phone or email. It's been easy kicking your exterior posture.

      Have a couple more drinks and/or hits and call me. You started this, looks like I finished it. I'll give you two hours for messages before I put you on "ignore". You are a waste of time.

      Try to say something that differs from your past stupidity, threats and bullcrap. Seems like you ran out of steam or booze.

      You must be pmljll. Same old horsecrap! Where'd you live before Michigan? Irag?

      Love & Kisses,

      (702) 501-9551

    • You are very wrong!!!! I have worked on both sides of the track, and now live in Michigan doing something other than the loser furniture market. You don't know "jack" about anything, Mike.

    • boxcarrs,

      I agree with your statement with one exception. cancersickness05 has stated on the fcp board that he hates "Falcon" people. He is a FLEX person.

      He said he chose his idenity because all "Falcon" people have a sickness like cancer or something very close to that. It's on the fcp board.

      Mike Portz

    • You need some help, pal.... get on a program!!! Don't get on here and tell people that you are "recovering" from ANYTHING!!! You are seriously screwed up....from something!!!

      How dumb do you think the rest of us are?????????

    • Mike: You are without a doubt the dumbest butthole on this or any message board!!! What the hell is wrong with you? You have an anger/aggression problem that is out of control! Get help!

      If you want to talk about your inner aggressions and problems, please call me at (586) 212-2223 and we can discuss it.

    • Dear potty-mouth: You continually threaten to turn on the filter and tune me out. I am waiting for that to happen. Nothing would make me happier. But I know tht will never happen. Mikey you need someone to fight with. You can't exist without belligerence. You have a need to intimidate someone and threaten them. It is part of your abusive and addictive personality.

      I wouldn't consider messages #242 and #243 to be examples of lucid writing by well adjusted, sane people. They may be relatives of yours or messages you posted under assumed handles, but someone writing under the name of Dr. Fornicate is not someone I would put much credence in.

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