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  • pmlljl pmlljl Feb 24, 2005 6:02 PM Flag

    to mike the putz

    shermanandlee: Most of the Falcon posters have gone back to the Falcon board. You can access it by clicking on the address listed in message #611.

    I am not trying to get rid of you. You have behaved responsibly on the FLXS board.

    If you choose to go to the Falcon board, you would do all of us FLXS people a great service if you took Mike Portz with you. He is very offensive to nearly everyone who disagrees with him (everybody).

    You may need a stait jacket to take him along.
    Then again, I suggest that you take him down with a tranquilizer dart because he is a wild animal (vicious, unthinking and probably rabid).

    In transit you could try to teach him how to activate the spellcheck feature on his computer. His spelling is atrocious as is his grammar and logic.

    I suspect you know him personally or that you know of him. He refuses to take any advice from me and suspects I am somehow connected to the other "Michael". I am not, but if it will make him any angrier, then he is entitled to believe it.

    Finally, I do not know anything about Falcon or its predecessor companies, but I can't imagine how anything good will ever come out of that mess, particularly, while the idiots who led it there, are still in charge.

    People refuse to face the facts. Those guys are crooks and idiots. Your only choice is to flee from people like that.

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