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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jun 23, 2005 11:58 AM Flag

    Market maker

    At 11:55 today FLXS stock is down $1.00 on 100 shares. Is that the result of the specialist keeping an orderly market or some small shareholder getting ripped off on a market order?

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    • Yeah, sort of like when you remove a thorn from your foot, it feels good when the pain STOPS.

    • boxcarrs:

      The last message posted on FLXS's board was by you on 9-5-05.

      I guess the board is now lacking the excitement and charisma provided previously by Mikey. Don't you miss the lovable little guy?
      Frankly, I enjoy the peace and quiet.

    • I have one word for you: thorazine.

    • Mikey:

      Your last message said you would be gone for a month or two. Is your calendar broke?

      While you are writing back to me, would you please give me your critique of Flexsteel's recent quarterly report and contrast it with Shelby Williams most recent quarterly report?

      Thanks in advance.

      Your humble chain puller


    • Mikey:

      Your prior subject title contained a spelling error. The word is boredom. That is, with an "e". You can look it up. I can understand why have not yet received your GED.
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      Why don't you give all of us furniture "wannabes" a primer on latest in todays furniture industry. That way, we will know how to invest our money. I know I will be greatly interested to hear the wisdom from the oracle himself.

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      Mike Portz

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    • boxcarrs;

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    • These guys don't have the benefit of a specialist. They're on Nasdaq and have a market maker...if they're lucky. They should list on the Amex or NYSE and get a real market. This is a real company, after all...

    • I would say the latter.

      A friend who manages an investment fund just got into this. He checked out the message board and saw our battle with Port and called me, busting up.

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