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  • islamisofthedevil islamisofthedevil Aug 19, 2005 3:36 PM Flag

    Who is Mike Portz

    Who in the he$$ is this egotist named Mike Portz??? What a chacter. I understand he worked for FCP ( Now bankrupt). Anyone who worked for FCP shouldn't have such an ego !!!!

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    • islamisofthedevil:

      Mikey is a charming and subtle fellow who ranked number one in is Dale Carnegie class on "How to win friend and influence people".

      I think he feels insulted by what you said about him and now he wants to beat you up.

    • Mr./Ms. Bigot or, hater of all who do not think the same as yourself,

      First of all this country was created so that people of all faiths could have religeous freedom. Go back to where you came from.

      I have been in the hospitality industry for 23 years. I own my own procurement firm. I have never worked for falcon. So as to help you with your illiteracy of the hospitality industry, Shelby Williams is responsible for almost all of the revenues of falcon. Shelby was the number one worldwide commercial supplier of seating products to the hospitality and lodging industries for over 30 years. A industry that Flexsteel ventured into on several occasions and failed drastically. Shelby Williams put them back where they belonged making low-end fully upholstered products for the residential and leisure travel markets. Shelby was purchased by falcon, for a ridiculous price, 5 years ago. Frank Jacobs (falcon) destroyed the business and recently defrauded several finiacial lending institutions by providing false information to obtian loans. He is currently under investigation by the FEC. Of course you "hear" a lot about falcon and myself so you must know all of this.

      Now, what are your other idenities? How long have you been friends with pmjll(pms)? Since you evidently follow this board, although you havn't posted for quite some time, you are aware of the distaste and pity I have for him. You must be friends for he is also a biggot. Maybe you are him or his sidekick "Boxbrain".They arae also slow minded.

      Now it's time to back up what you said about my being an egotist. Tell us why you, who are pretending that you don't know of me, but claim I'm an "egotist", have come to this conclusion. Point out remarks I have recently stated on this board that make you think this way. There is a huge difference between self-confidence and egotism. Most biggots cannot tell the difference.

      Some biggots (synonymous with cowards) hide behind their computers and state slanderous and untrue information about people they fear, envy or are jealous of. Thay are ashamed of themselves and fear being further exposed to others. Such is the case with pmsand yourself.

      I am very happy to allow you the opportunity to prove that you are not a coward, are sincerly interested in learning more about me and are not talking out of your butthole by way of posting my phone number and email address at the end of this message. Call or email me directly. Do not let anything but fear hold you back.

      So show your true character. It's time to put up or shut up. Let us some action. Talks cheap.

      By the way the only person using any of the Yahoo! business message boards who has a less creative and more boring idenity then you is pms.

      If either one of you had any character you would not slander anyone on any board without revealing your true idenity. Not doing so kinda explains to all other poster what you already know. Your both wannabee, neverwillbe losers.

      This will probably fly right over your head, but it is certainly better to be a character then to not have one. You'll never know.

      Your pupeteer,
      Mike Portz
      (702) 362-9191 cell (702)501-9551

      PS Now I have three losers on this losers board to laugh at and pull their strings!

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