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  • roosting_vulture roosting_vulture Jun 12, 2011 10:54 PM Flag

    Greenheart/Omnicorp gapped down in HK

    Greenheart is trading down in HK. Still above the June 8th close, but at 1.34 through the morning on 4x normal volume.

    signal is hard to judge. HK is close to the action, so word on the street would be able to evaluate the "reality" of the Yunnan forests. Greenheart is also legally somewhat insulated from the implosion that would accompany a fraud, so more likely to trade on the actual value of its separate holdings.

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      • 1 Reply to Tomfantaci
      • Hi everyone, I just joined SH because I am getting a wee bit tired of all this China bashing. To disclose I am a Canadian living in Shanghai for the past 5 years and work in the finance industry doing M&A consulting, for those that doubt, I live in the Jing An district, close to the Portman an Nanjing Xi Lu, xie xie.

        The fact is business in China is not your regular Western routine, it simply isn't. I will also disclose that I purchased 100k shares of TRE at 4.80 so, like Carson Block I have to have a bias, a long one at that.

        I've read the E&Y reports, Caron Block's report and also TRE's "CORPORATE PRESENTATION FOURTH QUARTER AND YEAR-END 2010 RESULTS MAY 10, 2011". I find it quiet hard to believe that a company with over 3.0 Billion market cap just two weeks ago would now be subject to all of this crap. Clearly TRE has assets, cash in the bank and a business strategy. So did Carson Block and his firm MW.

        The question is how do we move forward? Articles in the Globe and Mail frankly mean little, these are the same guys that couldn't keep a partial view during Canada's recent Federal Election and the same guys who decided to trash V.INT. I have no investment or connection to V.INT, but that article when I read it just seemed way out of line in terms reporting facts and supporting a short position, crazy if you ask me!

        I agree that the allegations need to be cleared up, but let me give you all a personal example of how business is done here in China: