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  • noble1311 noble1311 Jun 14, 2011 3:14 PM Flag

    Even Block thinks 3 month timeline short

    All this bellyaching about the 2 to 3 month timeline being too long. Even Carson Block states "the audit could take much longer because of the complexity of Sino's business structure". See reuters article on Yahoo.

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    • does anyone know how long it took CB to research Sino? CB is way too full of itself.

    • I'm sure you have as I've commented on a couple boards,
      like CCME, which by the way I played before the accusations began flying. In fact, if you check back in
      my posts, I told people on the ONP board to stay away
      from CCME and had no position in the stock. Think the
      last time I owned them, I sold at about 19, the same with HRBN.Also owned Born, but sold in the 9's or a little higher. I don't own this one either but did read what MW had to say and the company up until about a week ago. At this price since this is just beginning
      of the saga, it just could be worth buying for the play. Since I haven't read everything up to date, I won't put an opinion one way or the other.

    • Go look in the mirror if you want to see moron and dummy. If I get paid a nickel every time you use those two words, I'd be so rich already.

      I would very much love to see some concrete proof today but yes they failed to provide it. Even if they show you the trees and customers you probably would dismiss them as "fraud" "dummy" and "moron" anyway and it won't change a thing.

      Independent auditors will not be able to audit everything in a week and confirm all the assets and reports just yet.

      Whatever you believe and as everyone else's are just pure speculation. You get the picture now? Smarty? Oh wait, go look at the mirror.

    • I am not speculating that they refuse to prove they own the freaking trees, or have any real customers. Why do you think that is, you moron? I am also not speculating that this turd is rapidly sinking down the toilet. How does it feel, dummy?

    • I remember seeing you around. How many of these Chicom frauds have blown up in your face so far, pinhead? you really are a delusional little clown. But hang in there.

    • No one knows exactly what's going on for sure, one way or the other. Your speculation is no better than anyone else's.

    • Maybe a trade from earlier in the day completing. In any event, they ain't got the trees, or the customers, so it goes to zero eventually..

    • Wow Doc, you stuck up for me unbelievable!

      Regards OEX

    • Donmonforton, it is no surprise that you would be where
      any short position exists. Your arguments are so weak
      and repetitive I don't even need to read them. You are
      very well aware that no outside firm such as DT or L&L
      would issue a report unless, and I stress unless the PR
      that followed was a fabrication. Then and only then would they issue a response, or walk away and send confirmation to the SEC which DT has done in other cases. Just want to keep you honest DM. DT and L&L did
      not walk away or issue a release on ONP's release of
      results. Keep plucking away though. But do take advantage of the situation. TRE is much more complicated than ONP. If it took ONP about 4 mos., you
      are looking at longer with this one imo.

    • pwherman Jun 14, 2011 9:06 PM Flag

      rich...maybe if you bought at close

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