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  • misterkurtosis misterkurtosis Jun 23, 2011 12:09 PM Flag

    How Come China Natives Not Buying?

    If Sino Forest is real & Muddy Waters is wrong how come savvy China based natives not coming out in Sino Forest defense and massively buying? Why is there no vocal support?

    Last time I checked many Chinese have become incredibly wealthy over the last decade (not to mentioned Shanghai is legendary as a mecca for savvy business people). They've had nearly a month to investigate Muddy Waters' claim.

    Their silence and lack of investment says it all.

    Am I missing something? Thoughts?

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    • Very valid point. Also CEO still saying he cannot reveal the intermediaries who bought his trees for fear of losing competitive advantage. And this, after the company has been decimated. Whoa. Something stinks in them forests. I am waiting for it to go up some more and I will short it.

    • Greenheart Reports 11 Times Increase in First Quarter Revenue and
      Gross Profit
       Greenheart reports record revenue and gross profit in first quarter of 2011 of
      HK$40.23 million and HK$19.65 million respectively
       Reports net loss of HK$19.88 million as Greenheart continues to invest in infrastructure,
      human capital and implementation of its international growth plan
      (23 May 2011, Hong Kong) - Mr. Judson Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Greenheart Group
      and Vice-Chairman of Sino-Forest Corporation, Greenheart’s controlling shareholder, said, “I
      am pleased to report a substantial increase in our first quarter revenue and gross profit
      which is a reflection of the changes that we have implemented since Sino-Forest took control
      of the company in August 2010. Our first quarter reflects the beginning of the results of our
      new growth strategy that was implemented at that time. In the first three months of 2011,
      we completed the acquisition of a 13,000 hectare radiata pine plantation in New Zealand as
      well as certain harvesting rights to an additional 128,000 hectares of tropical hardwood
      concession in Suriname, South America. We also appointed Andrew Fyfe as our COO and
      his 30 years of international forestry experience and contacts have had an immediate and
      positive impact on our operations.”
      Mr. Martin continued, “We continue to report a net loss as we invest strategically in
      infrastructure and hire key personnel and experienced professionals in both our forests and
      head-office. Most importantly, as Sino-Forest’s international growth vehicle, we will
      continue to be focused on seeking sustainable and profitable forestry assets around the
      world in order to service

    • THEY ARE BUYING GREENHEART GROUP HK listing- Check the Facts ***** The assets, revenue and PPS all doubled last year. You do know its a SINO holding right. Why dont the people understand SINO holdings and assets. Why was this not discussed with Carson? Non-Current Assets

      Cash & Cash Equivalents

      Current Assets 643,058

      Current Liabilities

      Net Current Assets

      Non Current Liabilities

      Net Assets
      Less: Non-controlling Iterest
      Net Assets attributable to Equity Holders in Company

      NAV per Share

      Total Shares Outstanding 673 million
      314 million

      Greenheart Group Limited (SEHK Stock Code: 00094)
      (((((ITS UP 15% today ))))))) thank you

    • Canada stock! Check GREENHEART stock . They are! Assets , revenue PPS all doubled last year. Good one! Now will you guys please explain why you dont understand (((all))) the assets.

    • Thoughts beyond you're an idiot? Where exactly is your list of shareholders to glean this false factoid? And beyond the fact it trades in Canada and the Chinese have complicated laws moving cash out of the country.... Try to buy any Red Chips lately so you can follow that "native Chinese" money around?