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  • carlo29california carlo29california Jul 28, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

    Screw this stock

    With some new and other extended contracts in 2013 on the way, The World Cup Brazil 2013 will still be a factor for continued expansion and growth for the company and Brazil will be it's biggest prospects for revenue and margin growth.

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    • Agree, Carlo.

      For those who are so frustrated by the share price, I think that--unless you are a short seller of ULTR-- it does not pay to be pessimistic.

      Why would you bash what you wish others to buy? That's like investing in a restaurant and then advertising that the food is no good.

      To ignore the very real macro issues facing the company and to blame everything on management is to blur reality.

      You bought a small, speculative stock. Stop being a bunch of crybabies. When you gamble, sometimes you lose. Cash in your chips if you are tired of playing.

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      • Been there did that. I am out and gone.

      • Nicely said Elle... they probably think the last update was to trick people into buying this stock so they can pull the rug from under them. Don't fall for it guys.....get out now! Really? Contract prices rising and new ships (when they come on board) will also obtain higher day prices. That means not just 3 ships renewed at daily rates far more than they expected in there future EBIDA predictions...there are several coming for renewing next year and plus the 3 ships to be delivered. Potentially...not 8 mill in "Profit/Earnings" but times that by three...24 mill per year in profit gains. This just in their Offshore business! Now comes the river business where this years horrible crop of soybeans will be in the past. A "no brainer" for me still!

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