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    ULTR's River Business.....revenues for 2013....GREAT!

    Alastair Stewart South America Correspondent
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    Friday 03/01/13
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    Paraguayan Soy Harvest Looks Good
    With a large portion of the soybean harvest complete, farmers in Paraguay are celebrating what they believe will be a record harvest.

    While farmers in Argentina and parts of southern Brazil suffered from dry weather, the principle Paraguayan growing regions got decent showers in January.

    As a result, this week the Paraguayan soy exporters association reaffirmed its forecast for a record crop of 8.5 million metric tons (mmt), nearly double last year's drought-hit output.

    Much of Paraguay's soy is produced along the borders with the Brazilian states of Parana and Mato Grosso do Sul.

    Just as in these regions of Brazil, crops escaped not only the dry weather in the south but also the excessively wet weather in Mato Grosso.

    A large Paraguayan crop partially offset losses in Argentina.

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    • Revenues don't mean a thing, honey. Profits are what counts. So far ULTR hasn't proven they can make any money on the river. Stop with your nonsense. At best you should take a wait and see approach. If SC hadn't bailed you out last year you would be swimming in worthless stock certificates right now - all the while touting how great revenue would be in 2013. Please. Stop posting. You have ZERO credibility.

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      • Brazil's official crop monitoring agency CONAB trimmed its outlook for the nation's 2012-13 soybean crop to 81.94 million tonnes (MT), a further reduction from 82.06 million MT estimated in its previous forecast, but still a record crop well above the 66.38 million MT harvested in 2011-12. CONAB maintained its previous forecast for Brazil's 2012/13 soybean exports at 36.78 million MT while domestic consumption is estimated at 42.4 million MT. Production of soybean meal and soybean oil is estimated at 29.74 million MT and 7.53 million MT respectively for 2012/13. Brazil exported 4.496 million MT of soybeans during January - March this year, down 30% compared to 6.369 million MT during the same period in 2012, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade.
        CONAB raised its 2012/13 outlook for corn to 77.45 million MT, up from 76.01 million MT in its previous estimate. The new figure represents a 18.9% increase compared to the record harvest of 72.98 million MT in 2011/12. The crop agency kept its corn export estimate unchanged at 15 million MT, down from last season's record 21 million MT.
        Source: Entelliprise

      • dabreeze21:
        Laura keeps throwing out these soybean numbers, but what good does it do if ULTR cannot presently manage to do business even at the current higher transportation costs. ULTR is using the present cash to pay off debts and barely scratchign the surface. At this rate, it is a no brainer, paying back loans/debts and currently paying higher gas prices will not generate any revenue in the near future. With almost no Ocean business and with no real future prospect contracts in the works. A buyout or a merge will be the Mendez hope.

      • Sweetie!

      • No offense dabreeze21, there were others ready to bail them out. SC was the winner.If your negativity were dollars we woul all be rich.

      "This will be my alert price to come in for another120% return and should be trading between $2.15 to $2.28 max by QE2. The price to sales ratio today is around 0.15. The stock price is allowing for almost an 80% discount in the value of the assets"


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      • With World Cup close enough to be coming into focus and investors aware that Olympics will follow--many potential scenarios are possible. There is going to be tremendous interest in all things Brazil. One way or another ULTR will benefit. I am holding my shares instead of taking losses for this reason alone.

        By the way, the bond market has ULTR back at par and slightly above, so your extreme negativity is not matched by the perception of some extremely smart people. I should disclose that I just took profits in my ULTR bonds. (Mainly to pull interest forward and get the money to invest elsewhere.)

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