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  • creamcream400 creamcream400 Mar 15, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    The worst is over

    Can only get better from here and that's why I own this p.o.s.

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    • As a long-suffering long, I hope that you are correct. But this management produces quarter after quarter of dismal results. There always seems to be a drought that is put forth as an excuse for the company's poor performance. The River and Offshore Supply segments keep executing a growth strategy , but this growth never seems to get to the bottom line. With the Southern Cross Group controlling the co., other shareholders have no say. Hopefully Southern Cross will push management in the right direction or replace them .

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      • A severe drought is a real physical fact, stan. Not an excuse. If you read the transcript of the conference call (Seeking Alpha has it) you will be amazed at all the ramifications the drought had in 2012.

        Companies dealing with actual physical reality are impacted tremendously by things like a 30 percent drop in the soybean crop or decades low levels in rivers. Never mind currency issues--and political problems that impede your agreement with a major partner like Petrobras. Are you aware that small companies often go out of business waiting for payments from major companies? This is a real life hazard that little companies face.

        This is why buying shares of ULTR is S_P_E_C_U_L_A_T_I_V_E. Owning shares of ULTR is an E_D_U_C_A_T_I_O_N. There are no guarantees with a company like Ultrapetrol. It's an adventure that can end in profit or loss.

      • Well they better, shouldn't they if they don't want to lose their $220M investment.???

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