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  • laura_axeen laura_axeen Nov 13, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    No shipping company beats revenue predictions by 30 percent without positive future outcome!!!

    all I am saying is for those of you who have waited for this stock to produce....if it takes any drops in stock buy.......revenue growth is huge...especially in this business. Again, for me, always been long term....and will buy and hope to buy more at this current price and lower. I know this stock will easliy double during this next year....knowing revenue growth and more so....knowing earnings during 2014 wil prove to be a "no brainer". : )

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    • I appreciate the optimistic outlooks expressed by several respondents, yet the initial market response to the earnings report is concerning. The ocean business continues to do poorly . Why does the company stay in this business since it is a drag on the more productive segments ?

    • Seriously? Excuse me.....depending on what estimate......still.....revenue above 25 percent of any prediction.....that is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This from Streetinsider....Ultrapetrol (NASDAQ: ULTR) reported Q3 EPS of $0.06, $0.04 worse than the analyst estimate of $0.10. Revenue for the quarter came in at $112.59 million versus the consensus estimate of $84.08 mil......(25 percent above exstimates)

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      • no sorry -you are wrong - street insider is wrong - there are only two real ests. Steifel is the only current one ( they were looking for close to $118M) - they missed. you'd think you'd be better informed given all your chatter here - and that is why the stock is getting hit today. look at the reports or if you can get access to FCall. Street gross revs expectations were higher. I think the stock is a screaming buy here but still get your numbers straight.

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    • As a long-term , long-suffering shareholder, I would like to share your optimism . Each quarter management anticipates improved results down the road ; but instead of reaching light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel just gets longer. Considering the amazingly high inside ownership, this company should really be taken private so management can stop deluding shareholders.

    • Laura,

      while I agree with you on the stock let's be fair. They did not beat revenue estimates by 30%. In fact, they missed by a little bit. Stefeil who just initiated expected a minor seq. increase from last q. You are comparing gross revs vs net revs. Somehow yahoo shows incorrect rev estimates net of expenses ( cogs etc)

      So they missed by a tad - that said, clearly 2014 should be better than expectations- better pricing on metal ore transport, better soy volume and a huge increase in capacity and pricing for the offshore biz ( compares next year will be great) . That the boat yard is sold out is another bonus ... So I agree that trajectory is great and 2014 ests are too conservative which is what investors should key on ( I'm buying tmw) but try to refrain from inaccurate hype that doesn't serve anyone.

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