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  • diemakerall diemakerall Jan 29, 2009 3:29 PM Flag

    NFL Motif caskets...

    The Detroit Lions could order about 50 of them....

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    • Second LIE..."Say alot, say a little, these are my last words to boring old guy."

      How can we believe ANYTHING you say ? Fully understand why you no longer want to give us your 'top secret' earnings because the basic math will expose you some more.

      Sorry that we had to expose your 'big' dollar gains but really, don't you have any morales ? Trying to tell these people how much money is here when you really have just made peanuts, if that.

      You may be able to fool some but the market mechanics just don't support your claims, unless of course you are the one in a million that keeps hitting the lotto over and over.

      I have been doing this long enough to have seen the same claims over and over by the wishers and wanna bees.

      You can boo hoo all you want but it won't change the facts that are listed in BLACK and WHITE with the SEC. Problem is not too many know how to find or interpret the filings so a little help has been provided.

      There is enough dishonesty in the market, no more needed.

      BTW, you have fully demonstrated your immaturity. Congrats on at least the one sure thing.

    • made from .0007 to .0077 - pre-split trade, 1100% profit. Don't tell me that's not one hell of a trade!! That was perfect, one of my best %'age trades since '00. Of course I didn't sell at the high, which I think was .0087 or some where in there.

      Moron bashers think they know what they're saying. People make money on penny stocks with no business or even sales, unless they're holding when it goes under. I've taken a few profits out of ETIM - ETNL so far and I'm not worried about this trade. And I never said I made or will make millions on ETNL, that's just lame.

      Today is the first day I see some big volume selling.......doesn't mean I wasn't on the sell side this morning either........ some @.032 & .031 - Bidding, buying more and will hold for the next round of "fluff" PR's to move it higher.

      I love this game!!!!! Bank account likes it too.

      This was a great trade too: SKYT - in: $1.11 1/28/09 - out: $2.41 - Got to love this job!!



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      • You should really invest in a L2Q service before you slather your lies upon us.

        The raw data sales do not show a single $1.11 trade on 1/28/09. LIAR. Is this the trade you had hoped to make ? There are some numbers around that value but the spread is wide enough on this skinny trader that it stepped $1.11. Won't tell you the range cause I'm sure it will be "oops I meant...."

        LIAR..LIAR..LIAR. Invest will be worth the subscription price just so folks will buy your lies.

      • Now lets give the whole story. Some simple math exposes this nonsense.

        On a stock that averages 600K a day you would be EXTEMELYYYYYYY lucky to trade a 100K block (16% of daily volume).

        .0077-.0007 = .007 * 100,000 or $700. And how long of a period was this over ? MONTHS, YEARS ? And the risk...WHOA... What was your actual 'ANNUAL' return ?

        Lets compare that to the Direxion S&P 500 3x Short ETF. A $7000 investment would have earned you (actually me) nearly as much $639....IN ONE DAY (Today) or a 3361% Annual Rate !!! And this would be without the mega risk as it is an S&P index fund. Anyone who has a real clue about the market knew today would be down for the S&P as it had 4 straight up days...easy pickins. Although nice, it is far from my best trade !

        BTW I had 10K in the 3X today so my take was just short of $870 for 1 day of low risk ???

        I guess this is why the morons don't invest in the pennies as the morons would never in 100 years put 10K into something like this and watch it evaporate.