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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 May 21, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    Listen to my thesis, and tell me what you think,

    First,this give EDAP more cash to expand the business whick will be useful when USA approved, 2nd, this puts a floor under the sp, at $4., third, If we longs desire, we get to add at $4, just like the people who bought the offering, 4th, The offering will be good for everyone involved with EDAP, xcluding shorts

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    • The true run up could very well begin today. EDAP mission accomplished with the offering, sp at $4, and coffers much fuller. They got the product, the cash to make and sell it, the future looks bright.

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    • Hope you guys hung on thru the pain last week, that is part of the pain of dilution. As I statedlast week, all is good, just some differentshare holders. Somepeople got spooked and sold, the people that gt the offering also decided to get the cheap shares also around 3.65 that the scared folks sold, u cant blame them they paid $4 for about 10 million shares, so it goes to figure, if someone offered them more shares at 3.65, they averaged down. I must admit, it took me several years to learn the dilution game,a nd how to play it. I topped off my shares todya at 3.84.Now as the saying goes, "Lets Roll"

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    • Dilution is NEVER a good thing. If this outfit had any class, they would have offered the existing SH the warrants iin direct proportion to the number of shres owned. The fair thing to do for us long suffering SH.

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      • dgh, how long have you been suffering? I bought in early Jan of this year at 2.38, after reading an article on Jan. 3, on Seeking Alpha, his point was that EDAP was undervalued. I do not know how much cash they had before the offering, but a 48 million dollars addition to the bank acct. should help immensly. As Scott Matusow mentioned in the article, EDAP had not diluted their shares in years, preferring to get by with their European income. In essense, they were operating on a shoe string budget, and In my mind, that is on of the reasons they never really grew the business to its potential. With todays offering,i t appears they are plannig on a full scale assault to toramp up fast in the United States. Of course, prodction costs of the machines has to be considered, and a sales force to hire and train. Afar as I know, they have not given a chunk of the forthcoming revenues in a marketing agrement with another company. I wasplanning on paying aournd $4.50 this morning to finish my loading of shares, I must say, in rebuttle to your statement that dilution is never a good thing, it was for me today, when I saved around $500 by getting the short term sales price of $4.05. Now, lets think about the alternative to the offering. This cash can allow them to grow and become the dominate leader in the prostate cancer treatment field in the USA. And to top it off, they got $4 a share, can you believe that? How long in the past 3 months has the sp been $4? I do not thnk very many days, so if investors are paying $4, they must like what they see. Seems like a very good deal to me, and I can not see any other way they couldhave gotten $48 so cheaply. glta

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    • please repy with either a comment an/or thumbs up or down. I am trying to gauge the sentiment on the offering.

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