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  • allsarocky allsarocky Jun 5, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    There is no way this should be at $3.75


    at this stage of the game and you all know it. Forget the #$%$ about you all are the only ones who realize what a gold mine this really is. How stupid can you be?

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    • Major problem...It's a French stock. Definitely, BUY on these dips. You will be rewarded!!!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Agreed - How long did it take Doctors to abandon outdated notion that 80% ulcers were caused by Stress? (search Barry James Marshall)
      How long will it take Medical community to realize EDAP HIFU is the future of Prostate treatment? I say judge for yourself......from the current information from National Inst of Cancer ""
      From the current options "Active Surveillance, Surgery, and Radiation Therapy"....look at the survival rates of these options at lower part of page4, "Most men with early-stage prostate cancer can expect to have many healthy years ahead of them. The average age
      for men to learn they have early-stage prostate cancer is 65 years. For all 3 treatments:
      Nearly all men will still be alive 5 years after treatment.
      86% of men will still be alive 10 years after treatment.
      56% of men will still be alive 15 years after treatment"
      , after detection & using current "FDA approved" treatment options after 15years = 56% survival rate ...go back & evaluate latest EDAP data...after 14years 90% survival rates across the board!!!
      This data/outline from National Inst of Cancer also reports recovery time for each option + the approved Drugs - these cash cows for Pharma Cos. are toast! - I would making major bets that their $$$ cash flows will dwindle.

      A look ahead - FDA Approval - we may only double (big deal)...took to the future, the EDAP management is spending capital on future treatments in conjunction with HIFU (Liver Cancer)....that my friend is were retirement dreams are made...see you on the other side of 30+

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • no brains, allrocksinthehead

    • I guess all these major holders are all stupid too? Wells Fargo, Bank of America...the stock is at it's current price because HIFU, while not new to the world, is a new prostate cancer life saver to the majority of the US. In time this company will be worth some decent change. This technology is a a money saver to patients and insurance companies...American Drs. are not's going to take the people to get this stock going.

      Allsarocky, with all due respect, what is your agenda? Why do you care about telling us how stupid we are?

      Bruce & Co, Inc. 1,565,494 8.52 6,528,109 Mar 31, 2013
      Perkins Capital Management, Inc. 653,850 3.56 2,726,554 Mar 31, 2013
      Wells Fargo & Company 173,800 0.95 724,746 Mar 31, 2013
      Dane, Falb, Stone & Company, Inc. 114,000 0.62 475,380 Mar 31, 2013
      CALPERS (California-Public Employees Retirement System) 42,800 0.23 178,476 Mar 31, 2013
      Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 17,000 0.09 70,890 Mar 31, 2013
      Texas Capital Bancshares 10,000 0.05 41,700 Mar 31, 2013
      New Harbor Financial Group, LLC 8,600 0.05 35,862 Mar 31, 2013
      Tower Research Capital LLC 3,755 0.02 15,658 Mar 31, 2013
      Bank of America Corporation 2,000 0.01 8,340 Mar 31, 2013

3.15-0.08(-2.48%)May 22 3:58 PMEDT