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  • l2c2 l2c2 May 11, 1999 5:51 PM Flag

    Where are we going from here ?

    What a ride we had ! 37-34-38-33-39 within a few
    days ! Today gain is due to both good news from AT&T
    and the market itself , can CHKP support at this
    level and move up from here ? Will we see 40 or more
    tomorrow ? I temped to sell at the close today but decided
    to wait for tomorrow ....CHKP will speak tomorrow
    and I think there maybe some good news coming out

    Good luck to all and go CHKP.

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    • Txs again. Sorry I�m just getting back ...but had
      to leave on an urgent business trip to Costa Rica.
      Interesting picks... I�ll have to check them out. Me??? Not
      really, frankly I�m getting tired of the day trading
      -trying to hit a home run- kind of investing. I�m moving
      some cash into some mutuals (growth, tech and inet
      funds), loading up on AOL, MSGI, CMGI, EMC, LCOS and
      trying to get back -even at these levels- into CHKP.
      Once I buy what I want I�ll step aside.

      I�ll be investing in the local share and real estate
      markets (Panama and Costa Rica) since I feel that
      opportunities for the short term are quickly closing in the US
      market. Well... best of luck to you.

    • All of a sudden bunch of new names are talking
      about "research" and "fundamentals" from which you
      derive so much confidence. Well the company fundamentals
      haven't changed all that much in the past 12 months,
      right? So if you look at the stock chart, why did the
      price go from almost 10 to almost 60 in such a short
      time? In fact, it has consistenly increased revenue and
      earnings since the high, yet as recently as few weeks ago
      it fell to 23 (granted that was a temporary bizarre

      For better or worse, stock price has had near zero
      correlation to company fundamentals, so forget about it. The
      recent strength has much more to do with buyout rumours,
      the networking show, etc.

      Short term, unless
      the price blasts through 50 with conviction, it will
      gradually fall back below 40.

      Good luck longs.

    • Thanks for posting that.


    • and swallow all the recent news, CHKP will rise to a new high.

      Good luck and go CHKP

    • I am long with CHKP with covered call on May
      My shares might be called away. My point is:
      might be in a small correction. People just
      realize yet.

      If you want to LONG on CHKP, I think
      you can
      wait for several more days. After Next
      Because I think MM will drive this stock down
      below 40
      by Friday.
      That happened several times. All the
      time it
      was droven down to the closed Call strike

      Just my little experiences.

    • You are absolutely right. 60% is unusual - which is why I am going long on CHKP from here on - with less focus on day trades.

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    • Great for you. If I could do 60% every month by
      day trading I wouldn't be holding long term and I
      suspect neither would you. I enjoy the stories people
      tell about 60% gain per month. Luckily, I never read
      stories about -60% per month, so everybody is happy.

    • I am finally holding onto this one. All these
      postings and a little research have made me a believer -
      although day trading this gem has netted a 60% gain over
      the past month. Day trading won't stop, but a I've
      earmarked a couple thousand shares to hold on to.

    • Hold tight. Pick up more if you are daring. I
      have watched this stock carefully for four years. The
      body will soon follow the pulse its pulse. Independent
      of rumor, this company is a money making gem.
      Frankly, I belief its modesty has been a problem with
      street. Great fundamentals eventually speak for
      Checkpoint's sitting on the launching pad.

      Peace and
      happy investing.

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