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  • l2c2 l2c2 May 12, 1999 5:11 PM Flag

    Should not listen to my girlfriend !!!

    Sold half of my position when CHKP drop to 38
    this morning !!!Not a very smart move---!!!!Will
    definately go long on the other half. A lot of up side
    potential from here .

    Good luck to all CHKP and see
    you at 50 !!!

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    • I'm sick and tired of these stupid rumours. Gil's not going to sell. I don't want to sell anything to anybody, I'm happy.
      No buyout, period, Nada, niet, niente!!!

    • Besides CSCO, I think Nortel is definitely a good
      candidate. The chance on Nortel is higher than CSCO. Check
      out their recent moves. They are focusing on network
      software. It will be nice if they can acquire Check Point.
      That move will make them more competitive to others.
      It also will be a nice add-on to Bay Network that
      they bought last year.

      Any comments? I still
      believe CHKP will be fine even without any buyout rumor.

    • I sell easy-to-use digitizing systems to
      construction companies. My target market is non-computer type
      estimators who need to speed up their blueprint takeoffs. It
      is primarily a very fast and accurate measuring
      device. System comes complete with a little
      calculator-like single application computer that I developed over
      the last year. Before that we used a discontinued
      Tandy 102 (2.2mhz 32k) as the host device. The whole
      system fits in a custom carrying case and sells for
      $2390. It's a good business and I run it out of my home.
      Companies (mostly ma & pa) send me a $500 deposit and then
      they get 10 days to try it out and decide to buy or
      not. 95% buy and wonder how they ever got by without

      I love my job, especially since getting rid of my
      slob ex-partner (of 11 years) some two years ago. Just
      me, my wife, and a very talented
      engineer/programmer/wiz. Most days I don't even wear shoes...

      a good weekend.


    • If you folks are anxious about the current
      volatility of CHKP, just sit on your equity position and
      construct an option split position (buy equal puts and
      calls at the closest strike price to the current stock
      price) thus keeping your equity position for long term
      gain, profiting on a short term downtrend or uptrend
      (possibly even profiting on both if you can cut both legs
      at appropriate price levels). This is a strategy to
      use when you know something will happen but are not
      sure what (upside or downside). I have used frequently
      with CHKP to participate in short term price moves
      without exposing my equity position. In re the takeover
      prospects, I have been expecting a takeover for quite some
      time- the other two takeover prospects I have been
      tracking (Level One and Xylan) were both purchased
      recently so if my luck holds this will be next- and for
      management to approve a bid I would expect an offer around
      $80 a share.

      Beast- what kind of business do
      you run? curious....

    • 0
      I found an excellent site. The people who
      sign on for the FREE TRIAL NEWSLETTER are completely
      satisfied. There have not been any cancellations or "hey
      give me my money back!". A friend of mine, who has
      more money to trade than I do, has seen a return so
      big that I won't even post it because you would not
      believe it. Check the site out, sign up for the free
      trial, and then if you don't like it you can say that
      I'm full of it, but until then you'll have no idea if
      I'm right or not.

      Just a little something
      to back up my claim� In '98 his short term plays
      gained an average of 25% in 10 trading days; long term
      holds gained an average of over 65% for the year. Hell,
      this guy suggested NSOL,CNET, and CMGI for 3/8/99
      (+40), (+40), and (+47 1/2) respectively. Also EPAY on
      3/15/99(+21 57/64).

      Believe me it is worth the second
      to sign up, besides it's FREE. Here is the link�

    • I have owned IIXC several times, primarily based
      on its relative value, and I continue to get
      punished. I suspect there is something wrong with the
      company, if there is I don't see it. (maybe it is just
      investor relations)....


    • Hold CHKP as I understand that insiders are
      buying in themselves and are looking to 65 shortly. I
      have been long since 30.

      If you are interested
      in .com stocks take a look at BIGC. MM in new york
      are buying out all the shares as evidenced by
      significant increase in daily volume and the price of the
      stock. They have realized that it is cheaper to buy out
      a small companny than to go public. They will after
      buying out the majority of the shares come out and state
      that 2 internet companies will use bigc as their
      trading symbol. Well good luck.

    • AES - cream of the IPP's (Independent Power
      Producers. 40% of the world is without electricity. This
      company builds the most efficient and incredibly less
      polluting plants in the world.
      I have owned for 15
      years, will own for 15 more. Fantastic corporate

      FDX - conservative internet stock. Someone has to
      deliver all the crud people are ordering over the
      internet and they are a great company. I use them for my
      own business (after using UPS for ten

      LUV - great company, always makes

      PER - Perot is a street fighter who gets the job
      done, period.

      TCA - has been a big
      disappointment but is about to start cranking. Awesome


    • check out HLIT and compare with SDLI, UNPH, ETEK,
      CIEN. It's trying to go to the moon. Now mid 50s- could
      go to 80 easily, should pull back to high 40s

      also IIXC, undervalued fiber play, compare valuations
      with LVLT, QWST, GBLX. Released ugly earnings report
      and is starting to go up in spite of it. Rumors say a
      buyout over 70/share. Owns 20% of PSIX and a chunk of

    • ISSX- check out this last qtrs earnings, they
      have turned the corner. Given the choice between CHKP
      and ISSX, I'll take CHKP easy to say with this
      incredible run chkp is on) but I don't need to make that
      choice so I own both.

      Also SONE does not belong
      in that group, I was confused

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