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  • hgm123 hgm123 Oct 29, 1999 8:05 AM Flag

    investors daily

    Check out paper for great story on checkpoint
    today. I will buy today and get my start in

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    • Ive been watching Citrix as well. A friend of
      mine likes it alot.

      Regarding ADBE, Im not sure
      what the cause of the profit increase is lately. M.
      Murphy feels the PDF technology is a key base for
      them.They have offered it free which broadened distribution
      for their technology. Now they are basically bundled
      with companies which allows them to introduce their
      high margin products. Seems to be working as the
      profits have soared lately. The bundling approach is
      reminiscant of the moves MSFT made a while ago and we all
      know how that worked. Giving away software evidently
      can be an advantage for future revenue.

      you mentioned CSCO with NTRO. I do know that CSCO is
      a small shareholder of NTRO. The interesting thing
      is that some of their top officers came from CSCO.
      There are a lot of types of wireless technology and
      from what I have read CSCO is looking at different
      areas. LU appears to have a good partnership with NTRO
      as well as Seimans. Its an interesting market to
      research. I have learned a ton. Im also watching AIRO as a
      different type of wireless play.

      You may want to
      check into CMTN right now. Its price has been cut by
      40% due to locked up shares but the fundamentals have
      not changed. Simply market fear. Right now its at 73
      with a 120 upside potential. Huge market ( DSL). CMTN
      has a 31% market share but only 7% of the market
      capitalization. Harmon just wrote an article on how wacky the
      market can be sometimes. Im looking for this to pop in
      about 2 weeks. CMTN is profitable and growing like

    • -adding ntro, zomx and asyt to my watchlist,
      thanks for posting your picks;

      -ntro looks very
      promising from your description, wireless broadband will be
      a very big mkt., but its not enought o have the
      best technology, ntro need the right connections

      -Roger Mcnamee from Integral Partners keeps hyping
      citrix (ctxs) and pivotal software (pvtl) on cnnfn,
      these 2 stocks may also be huge winners, Roger M knows
      lot more than we guys do.

      -Need to take a look
      at adobe, I read somewhere that they placed their
      bets on Mac and when Windows took over, they had a
      tough time. They seem to be doing very well lately. I
      dont know how they make money through pdf format, does
      anyone know?

    • ODSI is a Texas company with crappy financials.
      Now I think I should by the $6 shares of ODSI and watch it ride CHKP's ride. What do you think?

    • Believe me, CHKP is just in its very beginning, and its value still doesn't reflect the companies potential.

    • eom! go go go goooo! Chkp!

    • There is one other company you may want to look
      at as it fits your description. A July IPO called
      NTRO, underwritten by Merrill Lynch.
      1 billion
      market cap. Partnerships with Lucent and Seimans. 18
      month beta test done by Lucent on the technology.
      Shares owned by AT&T, Lucent, CSCO, Seimans etc. Is into
      trial or actual deployments in Germany, Austria,
      Portugal and Ireland. Some trials are probably going on in
      the U.S. as well. Lucent markets its product as
      Lucent On Demand.
      The technology is wireless
      broadband. Uses a LMDS protocal and evidently has solved the
      rain problem. Can transmit from 2mbs or higher using
      packeted bursts. Solves the last mile problem for
      broadband. Will be bigger overseas than in the U.S. Is about
      1/10 the cost of laying fiber. Is about 50% off of its
      high of 45 right now. Posted 811% growth qtr.
      but we are talking small numbers. Conference call
      with CEO, stated they feel they have a 3 year lead on
      the competition. Wireless market is expected to grow
      70% per year through 2007. And yes...I do own some
      NTRO. Good luck. Im through with other stocks on this
      board but it was a great idea for people to share some

    • Another low market cap who appears to be a
      growing company is ZOMX who has DVD software technology.
      400 million market cap, growing like hell. High IBD
      rating. I have a small amount in my portfolio since
      August. So far it hasnt burned up the world but Im a long
      player anyway.

    • I was looking at JDSU as all I have heard is
      great things about them. The book/price value of PMCS
      is 32 while JDSU is just over 7. IBD also gives JDSU
      a higher EPS ranking.

      Is it just that you
      like PMCS or really think JDSU is overvalued? I
      actually missed a buy on PMCS back in August at 92 and
      never got in.

      My next buy will likely be one of
      these two stocks so I cracked up when I saw the

      By the way, Im very long on CHKP.

    • What your asking for seems to be a dying breed.
      Even IPO's get market capitalized over a billion in a
      few weeks if they have good potential. Im looking at
      ASYT but have not got in yet. It has technology which
      improves the profitability in the semiconductor
      Market cap of about 500 million with about 12 million
      shares out there. Stock was about 14 in April and is now
      38. Just seems to be taking off and was mentioned in
      a recent article ( cant remember where i saw it).
      IBD rating is 24/83.

      My personal favorite is
      Adobe systems to compliment CHKP. It has a similar P/E
      to CHKP and is breaking out of the pack with its PDF
      technology. Check out its chart and recent earnings and you
      will see what I mean. Some investors say its the next
      microsoft as virtually all you will read on the web will be
      supported by its software. I know its market cap is much
      bigger than you wanted but I dont get much of a chance
      to spam one of my Good luck out there.

    • uswb is doing well for me although mkt cap>1b atml and amkr look interesting. large buy at the end of day last friday in amkr.

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