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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Oct 30, 1999 1:13 PM Flag

    investors daily

    You mentioned PMCS and JDSU. Lets make a little

    PMCS Revs : $226.5 million
    Profit : 35%
    cap - $5.9 Billion
    Sales up 47% over 6

    JDSU Revs : $282.8 million
    Profit : -60%

    Market cap - 28.9 billion

    CHKP Revs :192
    Profit : 45%
    Sales up 42% over six months Net
    up 20%
    Market cap - 4.2 billion

    I would
    say in these comparisons, JDSU is way over priced,
    PMCS is about at value and CHKP has some ways to go. I
    don't see any of these giving us 1000%. The big
    difference in the three is the competitors. CHKP is the
    unquestioned industry leader. The industry is huge and they
    are making a profit. No one can touch that 45% profit
    margin and they can sustain it and have sustained it. I
    will take CHKP any day over these high priced
    networking stocks that are in CSCO's backyard and existing
    only because CSCO allows them. They will never grow in
    to their market cap because to do that they will
    have to get into CSCO pocket and that ain't gonna
    happen. CHKP will continue to double for the next 5 years
    at least.


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