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  • xbizo xbizo Jun 20, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    Three years ago, the stock was $5 to $7.50

    Four years ago it was $9, five years ago it was $12 and ten years ago it was $28....

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    • Thank you for the history lesson...where are you going with it?

      I don't think too many folks buying this stock are looking at the old base business of an Internet provider but at the potential for the spinoff of FTD to generate the total return for this the mean time, I'm collecting at least a 5% divvie (today's price) and actually seeing some capital growth. Actually, about 14% in my case across just a few months...not too shabby if I do say so myself. While you may scoff at it, if I could get the same performance out of every stock I select, I would be quite content.

      OK, I freely acknowledge that most of that appreciation is in anticipation of the spinoff but still, UNTD counts as a win in my book so far.

      Post spinoff? Geesh, now you are challenging me. FTD seems to be a cash cow. Not too flashy but moving a lot of money! The core business of UNTD seems quite dead in the water and yet, still marginally viable. But post spinoff, both companies financial records will be "clean" and one can make a more informed decision about both. Probably ditching one by the end of the year.

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      • Not scoffing at all. This is a pick I made a couple of years ago, banking a 12% dividend while waiting for the company to unlock it's potential. I would expect to exit when the dividend hits 4-5% and redeploy to another opportunity. I can only hope to find another investment which will make me 12% annually for two years and exit with a 100% cap gain.

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