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  • chiquitbumbalabimbomba chiquitbumbalabimbomba Feb 18, 2003 9:42 PM Flag

    So, why sign up for RO shares @13...

    $13 is just an estimate, the actual terms are 50 cents less than market on the pricing date or NAV on the pricing date,whichever is lower..

    a real consideration is that if u don't own many shares, the benefits of the 50 cent discount may be less than what your broker charges u to exercise the rights, brokers have been jacking up fees left and right,one of mine (and the one that happens to have had the RVT shares on 1/28) used to do this for free and now charges $30..

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    • So now it turns out the ex date was 1/24, settling 1/28, can't believe these f*ckers publish a press release without saying what these dates are and implying they're in February sometime...


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      • Are you talking about RVT? They haven't made their dividend announcement yet. The last declaration was 22-Nov-02 with the ex-date at 4-Dec-02 and payable at 23-Dec-02.

        If past history is any guide, a new declaration is due the last week of February, probably this coming Monday.

        Also, watch for a drop in the distribution?

        The NAV for last year was down 15.61% according to their web site. Since the div is based on the rolling average of the past four quarters, except for the fourth quater, one might expect a drop in the div to 1.27 from the 1.51 value for 2002. It remains to be seen of course.

    • My broker is charging $30 as well. They normally charge me 9.99 on all orders.
      Says I have until March 6 to reply to them one way or the other because the RO expires March 10.
      That .50 cent discount would only save me ~$22 after paying the broker's $30 RVT could go lower after/than RO price w/discount.

      Hmmm...think I'll just say NO.

      Thanks for the response.


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