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  • rippedoff1983 rippedoff1983 Aug 27, 2004 9:01 AM Flag


    Good posts guys.....I guess i hold a grudge way to long over the loss of benefits.In the future though i will still make some rude comments here and there.Next question,the new overtime rules became effective last monday.How will this affect the economy?With all the uncertanty of who will or will not lose their overtime benefits,how can anyone plan for buying homes or autos?I know people should live within their means(40 hrs)but there are companies that require overtime from employees,some even threaten employees with their jobs if they do not work overtime.I believe that if a person works over 40hrs, they should be compensated no matter who they are...

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    • HSP is really doing well on some bad market days. It's hanging tough above $30 as well. Very encouraging.

      I put Rippedoff on ignore. Couldn't tolerate it anymore. His mindset is what you get when liberalism permeates a nation. He won't find a better job. Just expects someone to fix the apparently bad one that he has and that if they won't fix it, he'll just whine indefinitely. But upgrade yourself - apparently not an option. It's someone else's fault and problem.

      Go HSP!!


    • Very well put! With all the jobs being outsourced over-seas, anyone with a solid company like Hospira should be thankful. Ross Perot was not far off, when he made the comment that giant sucking sound is jobs leaving this country.

      HSP held in pretty good for a lousy market yesterday.

      Have a great day!

    • Here's what I said......

      "...you have a job that half of the US workforce would just LOVE to have -- well paid, full benefits, and highly stable...."

      Hospira has over 14,000 employees. The fact that there was a 90 person reduction at one plant with a 1000 employee base does not change the facts I stated -- the overall personnel reduction was about 1/2 of 1%, and the company is EXTREMELY STABLE.

    • Sorry, 90 out of less than 1000 from that location. About 10 percent.

    • 90 out of 14,000+ employees -- less than 1/2 of 1% were permanent full time personnel.

    • Highly stable? There was a 90+ person layoff at a western facility last week. If thats stablty, I would hate to see instabilty.

    • OK, you have convinced me to feel sorry for you. But not for the 'injustices' you think you are enduring, but because you are obviously too bitter, too blind, or both to realize you have a job that half of the US workforce would just LOVE to have -- well paid, full benefits, and highly stable.


    • Very few have access to internet at HSP!!!

    • I have been with the company (Abbott) for a little over 18 years and the situation at this plant is very much a "us vs. them" scenario.Management does not work well with the peons.If you have a problem and go to HR,you are the one with a problem.Once you do complain, you are immediately labeled a troublemaker,then you are fired at the first chance they get.I know one employee that made a mistake on a Work Order and was fired.A week later another employee made a mistake again on a Work order and was "fired" only to be called back because a manager had already signed off the Work Order and did not catch the error.What is the message here? That it is OK for management to make mistakes but not regular employees?I have worked with employees from Chicago and they have even noticed the way that management handles their employees here.I am not the only "disgruntled" employee, it is that other employees are scared to speak out.This should not be the case.Now that we are Hospira the attitude of management has become worse.We have company policies in place,but only a select few have to follow those "guidelines".As one Chicago engineer once said,"you guys sure have a good ole boy system down here".And I agree.If the "company" fails it will be because of piss poor management, not the regular employee who has givin up many weekends to support production and have helped management look good in the eyes of the corporate office.Some may say that "its the way corporate america works" and "if you do not like it then leave"....well it does not have to be that way.....shouldnt Hospira try to be better than most?This is a very different place than most others,but only a first hand look will tell you where I am coming from.

    • <The loss of benefits has only benefitted the company and not the employee.>

      I'm not offering any judgment on your overall rancor with HSP, but the statement quoted above is pretty ridiculous. Don't you realize that what 'helps the company' also helps the employees? If the company is not viable, there ARE NO EMPLOYEES !!

      <Soon the company will lose quality employees and will be stuck using temporary employees to make product.>

      Every company must balance the need for permanent, experienced, knowledgable employees with the economics of temporary, contract and even out-sourced labor. I'm not associated with HSP, but it's hard for me to believe that the atmosphere is a pessimistic as you paint it. You seem to perpetuate the 'us against them' philosophy regarding management. I agree with you -- employees do work hard to achieve. What you fail to see is that management personnel are employees, too.

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