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  • steve2388388 steve2388388 Jan 27, 2005 1:34 PM Flag

    HSP- If you don't like it, move on!

    I agree with your recommendation to move on....

    I did to your main competition! They were very EAGER to hire me with all my knowledge...
    Oh course since I signed a nondisclosure agreement and can not tell them about upcomming R and D products etc. I have to keep my mouth shut. I wonder how many people who left spilled the beans on new products that have not even been released or applied to the FDA?
    You might see a Exact Product you guys are working on but with your competion's name on it.

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    • Do not worry. Most companies know more than you think on whats in the pipeline. Just price for doing business. Usually just boils down to who can excute fastest.
      HSP will do very well.
      <<<<<GO HSP>>>>>>>

    • Steve, thanks for making room for others with the ambition to live up to HSP values and committments.

      Would HSPs performance ABOVE what most thought would be its initial performance have anything to do with you LEAVING? :)

      While a career and money are VERY important to everyone, there is more to being an HSP employee than that. Good luck, maybe we will see you again when we buy out your company (or put them out of the industry?)

      All in good humor,

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