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  • chemik77 chemik77 Sep 13, 2005 7:08 PM Flag

    working for hospira ?

    How is working for Hospira in research field ?
    I work for a direct competitor, but am quite underpaid as a chemist with MS degree, which I obtained while working at the company.

    At the same time, I see a LOT of job postings on Hospira website. Is it because they are expanding, or just nobody wants to work for them in the long run due to layoffs or poor working conditions ?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    • IMO, that due to the change in the benefit plans. Which by the way, alot of companys are doing. Might have some negative impact on hiring of new employee's. However, they may have some incentive for salary exempt with options and bonuses that might off-set the loss of benefits if employee's elect to pay themselves (401K plan). Might not hurt for you to investigate. Good luck!

    • Listen to J4K they know what they are saying. We don't like any people with initiative or good work ethics working here because it shows the rest of us up. You will be put on an action plan if you want to make a difference and expect others to perform. HSP policy is if you don't perform promote you or move you to another area to take the heat off them for your stupid mistakes. It takes years before they realize you now know the new area and you are making stupid mistakes here also. Look at me a very good example of this I have been in all of the business units except QA and HR both of them are the downfall of the company. I have moved around every 2-3 years what does that tell you? Good luck and go to J&J or others wanting to make a difference not just get by.

    • Let's see, you are underpaid - you would fit in well; you have the initiative to go out and better yourself - that one is going to go against you; you are observant regarding the number of openings - that's strike two as you need to just follow the crowd; you are asking for information before making a decision - that's the third strike. You wouldn't fit in - take the pass on this one and get better treatment elsewhere.

    • OK Where was the lay-offs.... did I miss them...