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    • Show me a cd that is paying over 3.5%. Average rate of return on your money annually is 10%. I will take it every day.. Oh yea I forgot the stocks split so now I am at well above 11K shares and still buying. Once FPL merges or builds another nuke it will be a sweeeet day. Oh yea FPL hired a firm KEMA, a Netherlands-based technical consultancy, to help FPL figure out how it can make its system more resilient,This group is the Subject Matter Experts throughout the industry.
      So as uasual they continue to improve.

      Keep buying your CD's I am sure you can hit the jackpot and get one that pays 6%

    • Wow!! That is an annual average of %8.9. If it works for you, good. I think there are better return prospects than FPL. What would make you think I would buy a CD?

    • Actually I started buying way way back and bought a lot in 1995 and earlier at $35.00 a share. I believe in 10 years I have earned about 150% on my investment. So to put it in real numbers. 5000 shares at 35 =175K 10 years later it is worth $410,000.00.. Stick with your CD because I am still buying and sleeping like a baby

    • I did not write the opinion editorial, I saw it in the Stuart News. Frankly i wish I never had posted it here. Do you work for Catafulmo?

    • Yeah, no natural gas because FPL is sucking it all up in their power plants. There is a lot of consumer gas use in FL. TECO owns Peoples Gas and serves in FL as well as others.

      Growth is not necessarily good. The marginal cost of providing new electricity is higher than the average, so the more used the higher the price which doesn't necessarily mean more for the stockholders, per se.

      Looking at the performance of the stock over 5 years the price has gone from 35 to 43 for a 5% /year gain. Wow, what a wonderful gain. You could do better in a CD. Oh, yeah forgot about the dividend which is now 3%/yr.

      Personally, I think there are better investment opportunities out there if you are looking for some growth. If you are sitting on your money for a dividend, there are even better opportunities out there. Watch the stock price in 2006 when the s... hits the fan with the retail rate payers, like all those little folks that don't have a place to rent now because of the shoddy building and maintenance.

      If you are with a builder, how do you sleep at night?

    • I live in Florida very close to FPL Corporate office and in an area that did sustain SOME minor damage after Hurricane Wilma. I am doing very well holding the FPL stock and I also work for a large developer in the area. FPL will make you all a lot of $$$$$$$. The growth here is phenomenal and they are the only players. No one or hardly anyone uses natural gas here. Florida growth is booming and that means the only utiity around is making $$. Good luck y'all.

    • I'm not getting screwed. I don't own the stock and don't plan on buying it. Last utility stock I bought was First Energy after the NE blackout. Got a great deal and I knew the powers that be would never pin the blame on them. Think I made 30% gain in a month or so. You would have to wait 5 or more years with FPL to get that.

    • Theve done fairly well in the alternative energy area. Don't have the return numbers readily available, but it is relative small compared to their regulated biz.

    • Yea right... FPL hasnt lost money since they sold all their orange groves and allowed everyone to sit on their ass. Now they have Sr Leadership that is driving to excellence. I sit here and luagh at all you so called stock traders.. If you were worth a shit you wouldnt be on a yahoo msg board sniveling about how your getting screwed... Dont buy.. more for me

    • how has FPl fared in the past with ventures outside of the comfy florida political clime they have owned for so long?

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