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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 May 12, 2006 2:41 PM Flag

    I live in florida and must tell you all

    additionally ---- Hurricane damage is passed on to the customer - not FPL. The only alternative is candle power. We have had substantial increases this year and if we don't like it we can just go without power. FPL continues to get rich.

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    • Your message made sense until you added "FPL continues to get rich". What's the meaning of this ... we're talking about passing on costs of FPL to the customer, so how does FPL get rich? It sure isn't from hurricanes ... maybe they get rich by operating an efficient energy company, but I offer this thought ... NOBODY gets rich from hurricane damage, FPL included.

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      • listen florida has the most moronic fools living there, they are old and stupid and rich, will pay whatever the bill says. Look at who they elected as the governor and the scam kathleen harris pulled off with the ballots, lost ballots, all that shit.

        I watched the local news, bush lost in 2000 and might have even lost in 2004 if you take ohio (diebold voting machines scam, the ceo stating on an airplane with bush I gaurantee a bush victory, now with bush at 29 % approval rate, (I swear its lower) the real stupid people are the ones too moronic or just plain lazy to take that bush sticker off their car. It's like they want to show us they are right but all it shows is they helped bush fuck the middle class the poor , the kids and make the rich richer then they need to be.

      • You obvioiusly haven't talked to anyone owning an aluminum patio or roofing company.

    • hedgecutter10-fpl will keep the lights on as long as the bill(s) are paid. Burn a few candles anyway so you don't forget where you keep the spark and have her over for dinner & dessert.

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