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  • boreasgm boreasgm Oct 17, 2008 11:22 AM Flag

    FPL - vote for obama! Why

    because FPL turned off my power because i fail to pay the power bill on time. but i made a partial payment two days prior to the day it was turned off. i voting obama because hopefully he will stop power companies from turning poor folks power off.

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    • How are you using a computer if your electric is turned off?
      Get a job, and pay your electric bill like everyone else instead of waiting around for a free hand-out.

      I have a surprise for you. Obama is not going to take money from "Joe the Plumber" (who works 12 hours per day for 6 days per week) and give it to you.
      Obama is going to take money from "Joe the Plumber" and give it to Acorn and any other programs he wants to support.

    • If that is the basis for your vote in this election, you are an ignorant fool. Obama is going to save the day, lol. He is like the Pied Piper leading his flock over the abyss. It is sad that so many people have become entranced with his "message" of hope. All talk, no action. My brother lives in Illinois. He says he cannot believe that Obama is getting the attention he is getting. He says he has done ZERO for the state of Illinois since elected senator. Wake up !!

    • You should be in the dark you deadbeat!

    • I sure hope you are using the computer at the public library and that you are posting online in your spare time, not on somebody else's nickle.

      You are lucky to live in a state that has warm weather. You could be living in a place that is facing real cold! And a state that has a state tax. You are living in a wonderful world, boreasgm!

      Yes, Obama has sympathy for the poor, but he will not apologize for or change the real costs of living in the U.S. He wants to make our share of bearing the costs of government more fair for the lower classes, but won't give you a free ride.

    • Judging by your grammer, you are the typical Obama voter. Looking for handouts is no way to go through life, get a job.

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