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  • pbjb6 pbjb6 Feb 10, 1998 6:11 PM Flag

    high volume

    Anyone have any thoughts on the high volume of trades.. last 2 days have experienced larger than normal block share trades...Monday one block of 1,000,000 shares was traded out of a total of 1.5 million shares and todays volume was double the average. On a record breaking DOW day you'd think just the market momentum would drag HMA to the positive side..Institutional investors represent the majority of stockholders..are they losing confidence in the appreciation of this stock going forward?

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    • I will be in HMA for a real long time, because this is a good solid stock.... not because of the sector it is in.... Think
      about it. Do you buy a sector or a stock? When the DOW is down does that mean you lost money? NO! I have had some of my biggest
      days when the DOW was down!! Why because the DOW is not an individual stock, Nor is a Sector. Just because someone says a Sector
      is overbought does not mean that every stock in a sector is going to go down... I agree there are sector trends but, if you
      research your stock well and you have picked a true long term winner the sector going down will have virtually no effect on it at
      all, and in some cases it will actually do better than normal.

      Overall what I am saying is..... Forget the Sector crap... Look at HMA over the past 5 years.... Sector up, Sector down, HMA is all ways climbing.... HMA has all the right stuff I am going no where and will continue to buy on its small occassional DIPS.

    • Hello all, i ran across the attached site which does sector rotation analysis. Follow the link that goes to Risk Analysis and then look at the Healthcare Sector.

      BTW they have a link they call double bottoms and it been turning up alot of Healthcare stocks lately, ENJOY!

    • HMA is a really sweet stock... not only a money maker but a company to be proud to be a part of. HELE is going to spring
      back, it is just going to take folks a little bit to get rid of the jitters from those "shorters" that were messing with it. Now
      is a good time to buy more HELE before the jitters leave and it takes off again. I really feel that when HELE starts up again
      it is going to take off strong and then start its normal upward climb as it did for years before the shorters started screwing
      with it. I am almost positive they are gone now.

    • HMA is a good solid long term performer with excellent management and a great track record. Stick with the reasons you bought this stock originally, they were good ones.

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      • Intrday trading must of shown the bounce but it closed down 5/16 and the volume was again high with todays volume almost 3
        times the daily average. I called the CFO who was out of town...spoke to his administrative assistant. She indicated that his
        standard reponse is always..."stocks go up and stocks go down " (something from Investing 101 no doubt) and that the next quarter
        looks fine and is on target. I am still concerned there may be some institutional selling going on...what do they know that we
        don't? This has been a good long term play and my cost basis is low due to the multiple splits. It has however been stuck in a
        rather narrow trading range during the past few weeks. I'm still in it for the long term however.

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